Boy Dies: Cinnamon Culprit In 4-Year-Old’s Asphyxiation Death, Mom Takes To Facebook To Save Lives

A family in Kentucky is still trying to make sense of how a young boy died from the common cinnamon spice.

Although the 4-year-old boy’s death took place in June, it still haunts the community. However, his mother is trying to save lives of anyone considering the “Cinnamon Challenge.” Additionally, her message is also focused on kids and household safety.

Brianna Radar said her son, Matthew, was toying around in the home as he usually does when he must have climbed into the spice cabinet and fetched a container of cinnamon powder. Apparently, the young boy put a large quantity into his mouth. The next moment was pure pandemonium, as any mother can imagine.

“He started choking. It was like he was having a seizure and just collapsed.”

NBC New York reported on the boy’s tragic death by cinnamon inhalation. By all accounts, there was nothing anyone could do to save his life in the short span of time it took after he collapsed.

“He was rushed to the hospital within minutes and doctors worked on him for an hour. They were unable to save him. The coroner is waiting for an official report to come back but said it’s possible to asphyxiate from inhaling the cinnamon powder.”

Brianna took to Facebook “to let people know cinnamon can kill.” Her warning is to any kid tempted to take the cinnamon challenge. “They don’t think about the fact it can hurt them,” she said.

“Matty man’s story made the news and now CNN wants to share it nationwide. That helps ease my breaking heart just a little to think that just maybe my baby’s story can save even just one child’s life. My Matty was definitely loved by many, and he loved everyone. Fly high baby boy we love you more than words could ever explain. And we miss you so much it hurts. R.I.P my sweet little angel.”

The Kids Health website points out the dangers of the popular, but deadly spice when consumed improperly and taking on the “challenge.”

“While tolerable in very small amounts, in larger concentrated amounts cinnamon can cause kids to gag, cough, choke, and have a burning sensation in the mouth, nose, and throat. More serious reactions include vomiting, nosebleeds, and tightness in the chest.”

“It’s also possible for someone to inhale cinnamon while choking or gagging on it, which can cause inflammation in the lungs, a thickening of lung tissue, and scarring. This can lead to pneumonia, a collapsed lung, and/or permanent lung damage. And kids with asthma or other respiratory problems are at risk for severe breathing difficulties while attempting this challenge.”

It’s devastating that the boy died from inhaling cinnamon accidentally. Hopefully, others heed the warnings from experts and a grieving mother.

[Photo by: Twitter]