Pro Wrestlers Destroy UFC President Dana White Over Comment That Wrestling Is ‘Fake’

In the hours leading up to the highly anticipated UFC 190 event, UFC President Dana White ruffled the feathers of wrestling fans and pro wrestlers alike with some irreverent comments over social media. As reported by WrestlingINC, a wrestling fan tweeted at White complaining about the price tag for UFC’s pay per view events and noting that WWE’s all-inclusive monthly price of $9.99 provided a better value. White replied by saying, “I hear u bro but fake sh-t should be 9.99.”

A number of pro wrestlers responded quickly to Dana White’s sentiments, including Bully Ray (better known as ECW Original Bubba Ray Dudley), who demanded that White apologize to the men and women of the squared circle.

Taz, MVP, Austin Aries, and others responded to Dana White with tweets, as well as TNA’s ring announcer Jeremy Borash who had a brief back-and-forth with the UFC honcho after announcing that he had canceled his PPV purchase of the UFC show.

— Jeremy Borash (@JeremyBorash) August 1, 2015

WWE champion Seth Rollins even ventured into the fray briefly, skewering White with a bit of sarcasm.

Satirical site Kayfabe News also lampooned White with a humorous article entitled, “Pro wrestling a ‘fake’ sport, insists promoter of boring sport”.

For his part, Dana White remained defiant throughout the ensuing backlash, dismissing his detractors with insults like “goofball” and “pencil neck.” He did, however, offer some restrained accolades to pro wrestlers indicating that he’d met some decent people from that industry.

The flap came as a surprise to many wrestling fans, as Dana White and UFC were thought to be warming up to a working relationship with WWE in recent months, especially in light of Ronda Rousey’s segment at WrestleMania 31. Nevertheless, there remains a good deal of tension between the two companies, some of which could be traced to CM Punk’s defection to UFC after his unceremonious departure from UFC. The UFC president also reportedly turned down a UFC/WWE crossover event between Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker when Lesnar was on UFC’s payroll.

Dana White has also turned down a previous challenge by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon to engage him in an in-ring fight. At the ripe age of 69, Vinny Mac might well be past his prime for a bout with the 46 year-old White, who has a background in boxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. But it’s a safe bet that there are plenty of other grapplers who would love to get Dana White into the ring for a few minutes after this weekend and teach him a thing or two about the real world of pro wrestling.

[Photo by Anthony Kwan/Getty Images]