Six Flags New England Site Of Hate Crime Against Two Young Women

Six Flags New England was the scene for something other than the typical carefree amusement park day in summer after two young women found themselves in a violent confrontation with two other visitors on Wednesday, reported FoxCT.

The victims were a lesbian couple, aged 18 and 19, who say that they were being stared at by a Hispanic woman who watched as the pair embraced and kissed each other just outside of the Six Flags New England park. The woman who initiated the quarrel, Damarielys Mukhtar, 29, told the two that she was “just waiting for her kid” when confronted about why she was locking her gaze on the young women.

As the two walked away, Mukhtar reportedly yelled, “I wouldn’t care about your gay a***s anyway.” This outburst was ignored by the couple visiting Six Flags New England until Mukhtar began to scream homophobic slurs at the them as they attempted to leave the scene. One of the two young women then admits she “got into [Mukhtar’s] face” before the situation escalated when Mukhtar “began punching the victim in her face, knocked her to the ground and began kicking her and pulling her hair,” according to The Springfield Republican‘s communication with local police.

At this point, a second woman, Nikia L. Butt, 27, entered the fray and began punching the other young woman in the face after her partner had already been taken to the ground by Mukhtar. The young women also reported that one of the woman was carrying a three-inch long, manually opened pocket knife. Both of the women who assaulted the couple attempted to flee the Six Flags New England park but were intercepted by police and brought back to be identified by the couple who had suffered the attack.

Although Butt is now being held without bail because of previous assault charges, Mukhtar has been released on $1,000 bail.

Opinion was split in the comments section in the local paper where the Six Flags New England story was first reported. Though many were quick to call the act a violent homophobic attack, others referred to all four of the people involved as “trash” and faulted the young women for being so openly affectionate in public. Another user said that it was simply a matter of common sense to avoid such behavior in public.

“Some people just get a kick out off making out in public in front of others. Some people still can’t get over the same sex thing. This will create some problems in certain social situations. Most people don’t like it when straight couples are making out in public so this would take it to another level for someone who is anti gay. Pro tip: If you don’t wanna cause a scene, save it for somewhere more private. This goes for everyone.”

Who do you think was at fault in the Six Flags New England attack?

[Image via Darren McCollester/Getty Images]