Future Trolled On Social Media After Reacting To Ciara And Russell Wilson’s Photo With His Son

The loving photo of Seattle Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson hugging Ciara and rapper Future’s 2-year-old son has gone viral. For those who missed it, the “Body Parts” singer and little Future Zahir recently visited the Seattle Seahawks‘ training camp, and it’s quite obvious the two were quite happy to see Russell. However, there’s one person who wasn’t very pleased with the loving moment – Ciara’s ex-fiance and the baby’s father, Atlanta-based rapper Future.

Just hours after the photo went viral on social media, the “F**k Up Some Commas” rapper took to Twitter with a subliminal rant in response to Ciara’s budding romance and the training camp photos. The series of tweets quickly caught the attention of social media users. However, Future may not have gotten the response he may have been expecting.

Based on the brash responses, it’s probably safe to say the purpose of his rant actually backfired. He accused Ciara of making a “permanent decision” in the midst of a “temporary circumstance,” insinuating that her relationship won’t last, reports The Big Lead. However, fans argued a different perspective with examples geared toward some of his “permanent decisions.” For those who don’t know, Future actually has four children by four different women, reports Madame Noire. So, social media users felt compelled to remind him of the “permanent decisions” and “temporary circumstances” that have occurred in his life.

However, this isn’t the first time Future has spoken out about his ex’s relationship with the notable NFL star. Back in July, Future voiced his frustrations over Ciara’s decision to allow their son to spend time with her new love interest. According to Vibe magazine, the “Never End” rapper appeared on The Breakfast Club where he subliminally slammed Ciara and Russell during a discussion with Charlamagne. “Like that’s the number one rule. If I was a kid and my mama had a dude push me, I would’ve jumped out the stroller and slapped the sh*t out of him,” Future said during the interview back in July.

Hopefully, Future and Ciara’s strained co-parenting relationship gets better with time.

[Photo(s) by Maury Phillips/Getty Images for BMI; Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images for BET]