Meth Milkshake Lawsuit Update: Man Sues In-N-Out Burger After Reportedly Finding Crystal Meth In Shake

Meth Milkshake beverages are not on menus at In-N-Out Burger chains. However, one man sued a fast food restaurant in California after he allegedly found crystal meth pills at the bottom of his shake beverage.

First, if you’re thinking, “By golly, this sounds like something out of a Breaking Bad episode,” you’re not far off track. However, this weird news story took place in real life, this according to a Food World News update.

Pay attention: This story has turbulence along the way. Fred Maldonado is the plaintiff in a lawsuit against the hamburger chain in Downey — the birthplace of the Apollo Space program — for allegedly spiking his milkshake with illicit drugs, specifically crystal methamphetamine.

Documents in a Los Angeles County court claims that the patron visited the location on March 9, 2014. He ordered a burger meal that include a shake. He returned to his nearby hotel room, consumed the meal, and later retired.

The next day, the man claims he felt nauseous and suffered from mental illness. After a close inspection of his milkshake, the man found two blue pills and a napkin at the bottom of the cup. He returned to the location and filed a formal complaint. A member of management offered the man apologies and a free burger via a gift certificate for his trouble.

Days later, the man took the cup and its contents to Utica Toxicology Service. The laboratory determined that both the cup containing the milkshake and napkin tested positive for the meth drug, according to the suit papers.

“Plaintiff did not initially know what there two capsules were, but later testing revealed that they were methamphetamine and that it appeared that they may have been illicitly manufactured.”

It’s unclear what direction the meth milkshake civil lawsuit will take. However, judging from a statement from the company, now listed as a defendant, In-N-Out Burger intends to have its day in court. Arnie Wensinger, the company’s executive vice-president, dismisses the man’s claims as “baseless.”

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Vegas Uncork’d by Bon Appetit]