Bethe Correia Reaction: Not As Humbled As You Might Expect

Bethe Correia talked a lot of trash in the buildup to her August 1 battle with UFC Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey at UFC 190.

Then the opening bell rang, and 34 seconds later, she was struggling to find out where she was.

Rousey took it to the previously unbeaten challenger and handed her the first recorded loss of her career courtesy of a couple of uppercuts and a hard shot to the temple that ended with a rare “face-plant” knockout.

Since then, the internet has been buzzing with speculation as to how Bethe Correia would respond to such a humbling loss.

Surprisingly, her response is not as humbled as you might expect.

When asked for her thoughts on how the fight went down at the UFC 190 post-fight press conference, she had this to say.

“I thought I started out well. I think she felt my strikes and she tried to grab me. I defended the takedowns. But those things happen. Her hands landed, and that’s to her merit, but I really felt I was doing the right things, which was to attack, counterattack, defend her takedowns, and hit her. But in that moment, I slipped, I got up, and she connected a good punch and it happened. That’s it, that’s the fight.”

You read that correctly. Correia fought the exact kind of fight she intended and was taking it to Rousey the exact way she said she would when luck favored the champion with a slip and an opportunity.

When pressured about the fact that UFC fans basically paid $50 for a six-second Vine clip of a main event, Bethe Correia reassured everyone that she wasn’t sweating it.

“Anyone that fights can get knocked out. You can be the best in the world, and you can fall. Mike Tyson has lost as well. A fight’s a fight.”

Furthermore, she doesn’t take back anything derogatory that she said about Rousey and, apparently, her father who committed suicide when she was just 8-years-old [via Fox Sports].

“I don’t take back anything because, I said all that because that’s what I thought. The fight didn’t end how I wanted it, but I was satisfied with everything that I did in my training and everything. I’m here. If you want to book me another fight, I’m ready to go. I’m very strong.”

The question that UFC fans and company president Dana White are now left with is: Did Bethe Correia show enough in her 34-second bout to warrant another fight — with anyone? What do you think, readers? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Image of Bethe Correia via UFC 190 post-fight press conference screen grab, linked above]