‘Up’ House In Seattle, Which Inspired Disney Film, Set To Be Moved — But Not By Balloons

The Up house in Seattle had once been set for demolition, but now it will be moved instead. Unfortunately for fans of the Disney film it inspired, it won’t be traveling by balloons or by air.

The house in which Edith Macefield once resided had been facing the wrecking ball, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. The construction firm had considered the house to be in the way of completing their commercial building projects and previously built around it.

Much like Carl in the Disney film Up, Macefield had refused to move, even turning down an offer for $1 million. After her death from pancreatic cancer, fans of the film had stopped by the house, which had been boarded up and fenced off, to tie balloons to it, honoring the wishes of Macefield and paying homage to the film.

Plans had begun forming last June to eliminate the Up house in Seattle and finish what the firm had originally wanted. It seems a non-profit firm has decided to save the house and preserve it elsewhere, much like Carl did in the movie, though he did it to keep a promise to his late wife.

The decision was made last July, when broker Paul Thomas had made a deal to move the house from its 1438 NW 46th Street location in Ballard, where it had stayed since around the turn of the 20th century. The statement claimed that the house would “float away, but not by air. I can’t possibly imagine a more wonderful ending for this chapter to the Edith Macefield story.”

More information will be released at a press conference on August 4 on how the house is expected to be relocated. Following the press conference, an updated press release will be made available the following day.

The Up house in Seattle will indeed be moved away, but unlike what happened in the movie it inspired, it won’t be moved by air. It will simply be kept intact as it is moved elsewhere.

[Image via Amusing Planet]