Bat Boy, 9, In Critical Condition After Being Hit In Head By Adult Player During Swing, Medic Umpire Called ‘Godsend’

Kaiser Carlile, 9, is in critical condition after being hit in the head by an adult baseball player’s bat during a National Baseball Conference game. The child was the bat boy for the Kansas amateur adult baseball team, the Liberal Bee Jays, and was wearing a helmet at the time of the accident.

The Wichita Eagle reports that 9-year-old Kaiser Carlile was rushed to the Via Christi-St. Francis hospital in critical condition after being hit in the head by a baseball bat on a follow-through swing near the on-deck circle. The Liberal Bee Jays general manager Mike Carlile confirmed that Kaiser Carlile, his cousin’s son, was still in the intensive care unit an hour after the game ended. It was also noted that at the time of the accident, the boy was wearing a helmet as is required by the National Baseball Conference World Series.

The Bee Jays manager notes that the umpire behind the home-plate, Mark Goldfeder, was a “Godsend” for the critically injured boy in the moments until the ambulance could arrive. Goldfeder is a 25-year veteran with the local fire rescue team and immediately responded to the injured boy. Mike Carlile noted that Goldfeder “definitely knew what he was doing” in the aftermath.

“I didn’t see what happened. I just heard something and immediately started running down to the field and I get down there and the home-plate umpire is throwing out medical jargon. The guy definitely knew what he was doing. He was a Godsend that we had him behind the plate today.”

According to KSN, the accident happened as the boy went to retrieve a bat and crossed the path with a batter who was making practice swings in the on-deck circle. The child was hit in the head on the helmet by the follow-through swing. Witnesses say the hit knocked the boy to the ground, but he initially stood up before falling to the ground again.

“He was swinging, and it hit him in the helmet, knocked him down, he got back up, but he went right back down again.”

Liberal Bee Jays President Nathan McCaffrey says they appreciate everyone’s love, support, and prayers during this time.

“As most already know, our 9 year old, precious batboy, Kaiser Carlile was accidentally struck by a bat during the game against the San Diego Waves this afternoon. Kaiser was wearing a helmet. He has been our batboy for most of the games this summer. He was a part of the team.

An Umpire responded immediately, and the emergency personnel soon arrived. Kaiser was then taken by ambulance to the ICU at St. Francis Via Christi. The last update received described his condition as critical. The Bee Jays would like to thank the Umpire Mark Goldfeder and emergency responders for their efforts! We also appreciate everyone’s love, support, thoughts and prayers during this time.

Please continue to pray and keep Kaiser and his family in your thoughts. Information will be appropriately released as it’s made available. Please also keep the player, his family, and the rest of the team in your thoughts and prayers as everyone struggles to process and cope with this tragedy.”

[Image Credit: Liberal Bee Jays]