Miesha Tate: Does She Still Want To Take On Ronda Rousey After Brutal Correia Match?

Miesha Tate has said in recent weeks that she’s looking forward to a chance at a third fight against Ronda Rousey, but does she still want to get in the ring after Rousey’s brutal exchange with Bethe Correia?

Tate said earlier this year that she would love a third shot at Rousey after losing twice to Rousey’s formidable armbar, even saying she thinks the “third time will be the charm”. And while Tate has proven she’s no slouch in the ring — winning her last four fights — Rousey is not letting up, running through her opponents like they’re amateurs, which they are most definitely not. In Saturday night’s UFC 190, Rousey took down Bethe Correia in about 34 seconds, knocking her out with a brutal hit. She later told reporters that she could have gone on much longer had Correia not been KO’d. UFC President Dana White said after the match that Ronda gets better and better with every fight.

“You don’t see women knock women out like that. She can do it all. Ronda just gets better every time she fights. Ronda is an absolute beast.”

Ronda has said that she is more than willing to take on Miesha again, especially since she’s the opponent who makes sense as far as weight class goes. Not only that, Rousey said, they both profit from it.

“That’s what the fans want to see, she’s the No. 1 contender. She’s going to get beat again, but … beating up Miesha seems to be good for both of our careers, so why not do it again?” Rousey said, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Tate said last month that she feels Ronda brings out the best in her, so if she’s not intimidated by Rousey’s ability to take down Bethe Correia so quickly, it’s likely that UFC fans will have a very interesting match to look forward to in December.

“I could never give up on myself. That would be sad. Especially if you’re a role model like I want to be for others. How could I tell others not to give up on themselves if I gave up on myself? You pick yourself up, learn more, get better and try again. As for this fight, I think Ronda brings out the best in me. I feel as though I learn every time we fight,” Miesha Tate said, according to a previous Inquisitr report.

[Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images]