Mystery Surrounds Plane Crash That Killed 3 Members Of Osama Bin Laden’s Family

A plane crash that led to the death of three members of Osama bin Laden’s family has been questioned by a leading pilot who has used the airport where the incident occurred repeatedly.

Simon Moores, who regularly lands at Blackbushe Airport in Hampshire, insists that something “doesn’t make sense” with the tragedy, which resulted in the deaths of Rajaa Hashim and Sana Hashim, who were the stepmother and half-sister of Osama Bin Laden, respectively. Zuhair Hashim, Sana’s husband and Osama bin Laden’s brother-in-law, also died in the crash too.

Speaking to Sky News, via the Mirror, Moores insisted that the state-of-the-art plane shouldn’t have crashed because it had an array of security features on board that should have prevented it. The plane involved was a Phenom 300, while the pilot, who also died in the crash, hailed from Jordan.

According to reports, the vehicle crashed at the airport after a journey from Milan. It’s believed that the plane overshot the landing strip and crashed into a nearby car park. This was despite the fact it was attempting to land on a landing strip that measured 1,300 metres and it only needed 800 metres to land.

Moores asked, “Why, if (the pilot) thought his angle was completely wrong – which is what happened in case – didn’t he power up the engines, simply go round, and try again?”

Moores also spoke to the Guardian about the peculiar crash.

He stated, “It doesn’t make sense to me as an ordinary pilot why something that advanced and easy to fly would bury itself in the auction ground at the end of such a long runway.”

Speaking to the Independent, Phil Giles, a former air accident investigator, believes that either brake failure or pilot error led to the crash and deaths.

He explained, “[The pilot] may have misjudged it and landed too far down the runway, and then couldn’t stop it. Or he may have touched down, realised he wasn’t going to stop and put the power on to go around again. But it doesn’t look as if it was going very fast when it ended up in the car park – it’s not ploughed a furrow through millions of cars.”

[Image via The Count]