Fetty Wap Stiffs Olive Garden Server, But Leaves Huge Tip At Chicken And Waffles Restaurant

Fetty Wap refused to pay Olive Garden what he owed the restaurant during a recent outing, but he wants his fans to know that he’s not a bad tipper.

According to TMZ, the “Trap Queen” rapper and a few friends ate at a Fort Wayne, New Jersey Olive Garden on Thursday night, and Fetty Wap was less than impressed with the service at the Ameritalian eatery. Fetty forked over $100 for drinks and appetizers, but he refused to pay the additional $60 that he spent before leaving the restaurant. Fetty complained that he sat around for two hours and his food never came, so he decided to make a dash for it instead of sticking around to dine.

However, Olive Garden employees tell a different story. They claim that Fetty Wap actually did pull a “dine and dash” by leaving after only 30 minutes of waiting. However, if he didn’t eat his food, his action would be better described as an “order and dash.” Luckily, the server who got stiffed didn’t have to pay the remaining $60 on Fetty’s ticket.

Fetty Wap hasn’t directly responded to the Olive Garden allegations, but he did take to Instagram to prove that he’s not the type of guy who stiffs every waiter or waitress who serves him. Fetty shared a video taken at Gladys Knight & Ron’s Chicken and Waffles restaurant in Atlanta, and it sounds like he says that he’s leaving a $400 tip for his server in the quick clip. You can see the stack of bills below.


As the Inquisitr previously reported, Fetty Wap has already been criticized over the way he spends his cash. A few of the “My Way” singer’s social media followers let him know that they disagreed with his decision to buy his dreadlocks from a woman instead of growing them himself. However, he responded to their jokes about his new ‘do by simply letting them know that the hair makes him happy.

Luckily for Fetty, it looks like he’ll never have to worry about growing his own locs ever again — he’s already one of the rap industry’s most successful artists, and he could probably buy his own Olive Garden if he wanted to. According to Radio, Fetty is the “first male rapper since Eminem to have three songs in the Top 20″ on Billboard. “Trap Queen” is still his top tune at the No. 6 spot, but “My Way” is hot on its heels at No. 7. Fetty’s birthday song, “679,” is a little further down at No. 18.

Even if Fetty Wap thought that the wait at Olive Garden was a bit too long, was it wrong for someone as successful as him to stiff a server?

[Image via Fetty Wap/Instagram]