Baseball Fan Takes A Nap In Busch Stadium Bathroom Stall [Picture]

A baseball fan at Busch Stadium, the home field of the St. Louis Cardinals, apparently decided to take a power nap on the floor of a bathroom stall Friday night according to Twitter.

The Cards were in the process of beating the Colorado Rockies by a score of 7-0 at the time, so maybe the game got a little boring. As much as we love America’s favorite pastime with good reason (actually former favorite pastime, however, when compared to the ratings and betting juggernaut known as the NFL), it still is baseball, given the almost interminable delays between each pitch.

The good news is that the Busch Stadium supposedly has the cleanest MLB restrooms, at least based on a 2012 account in the SportsGrid.

With the best won-loss record (66-38) in MLB to date this season, the perennial playoff contenders have a 5.5 game lead over the Pittsburgh Pirates in the National League Central Division going into today’s action. St. Louis and Pittsburgh play nine more games together, six of which are at Busch Stadium.

The Cards acquired outfielder/first baseman Brandon Moss in an exchange with the Cleveland Indians at the trading deadline.

Commenting on the fan who decided to crash in the Busch Stadium stall, The Big Lead website offered this assessment.

“One of the Best Fans in Baseball found an unconventional place to lay his sweet head last night: the floor of a Busch Stadium bathroom. This is likely not a choice I would make. It’s likely not a choice you, the intelligent reader, would make. But this guy seems at peace with the decision. He looks warm and safe. He looks as if he’s perfectly okay with using a piece of toilet paper as a pillow. This morning, however, may have been rough. And filled with more critical thinking than the hours prior to this questionable behavior.”

Uproxx Sports gave this description of the Busch bathroom incident.

“One of the Best Fans In Baseball™ who attended the game at Busch Field either had a better night than anyone else, or the worst night out of anyone in the park. The details surrounding this picture are a bit unknown – it’s even possible that this guy isn’t a Cardinals fan — but all we know is that some dude apparently took off all of his clothes, and passed out on the floor of a bathroom.”

Forbes contends that the St. Louis Cardinals indeed live up to the reputation as having the best fans in baseball, based on data such as hometown crowd “reach,” television ratings, stadium attendance, merchandise sales, and social media activity.

Whether possibly the result of too many adult beverages or any other reason, would you ever consider taking a nap on the floor of a bathroom stall, at Busch Stadium or anywhere else?

[Image via Twitter]