Bobby Brown Deals With Wife’s Sudden Hospitalization After Bobbi Kristina’s Funeral

Bobby Brown has had a lot to cope with in recent months after his daughter with the late Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina, died following a lengthy hospitalization. The Brown and Houston families are reportedly feuding, Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend (and one of the people who found her facedown in a bathtub earlier this year) has been accused by Brown of having a hand in her death, and earlier this week, Brown’s wife was rushed to the hospital after reportedly having a seizure.

Alicia Etheredge, who gave birth to a baby girl earlier this month, allegedly suffered the seizure after Bobbi Kristina’s funeral but was quickly stabilized and will be able to attend the burial on Monday according to Yahoo! News. It’s unclear whether she has a pre-existing medical condition.

Bobbi Kristina’s funeral service was a particularly sad affair for friends and family, as it was reminiscent of her mother’s service just a few years ago. However, there was drama brewing as Bobbi’s aunt, Leolah Brown, created a scene while Pat Houston was addressing the mourners and was asked to leave. Now, as Bobby Brown prepares to say his final goodbye to his eldest daughter, it’s unclear where the Brown and Houston families will go from here.

As for Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend, Nick Gordon, rumors have flown for months regarding their relationship and whether it was abusive. Speculation has been girded by stories from those who knew the couple best, including Bobbi’s friend Alex Reid, who says Bobbi would often need to talk about a particularly bad fight.

“Krissi was physically abused by Nick on a number of occasions. I never witnessed anything… she would FaceTime me every time she was distraught, when something has just happened or show me a bruise,” Reid told Entertainment Tonight.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there are those who say that Nick and Bobbi were a normal couple who were always loving toward one another. The conflicting stories have done nothing to ease the minds of those who loved Bobbi, including Bobby Brown, who was adamant that Nick stay away from her while she was hospitalized. While an autopsy reportedly revealed that there was nothing to indicate foul play in Bobbi’s death, there’s still suspicion by some of the family members that something was amiss.

Nick Gordon was not in attendance at Bobbi Kristina’s funeral; it’s unclear whether he will be allowed to attend the burial.

[Photo courtesy of Allen Berezovsky / Getty Images]