Ed Sheeran Joins Elite List Of Musicians With ‘Photograph’ Single

What do Ed Sheeran, Drake, David Guetta, and Eminem all have in common?

Each artist has had four Top 20 hits from the same album, and each artist has done so inside this decade, according to Billboard. The list of male artists who have accomplished the same feat also includes Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber, Flo Rida, Calvin Harris, and Jason Derulo.

Ed Sheeran joined what Billboard called an “elite” list of artists when his most recent single, “Photograph,” hit No. 20 on the Billboard charts. In addition, “Sing” peaked at No. 13, “Don’t” peaked at No. 9, and “Thinking Out Loud” peaked at No. 2. Each of the four songs is from Ed Sheeran’s x album. (In this case, x is pronounced “multiply.”)

The awards and accomplishments simply keep rolling in for Sheeran, who is currently on his world tour, and he recently sold out Wembley Stadium for three shows. Earlier this year, Ed Sheeran set a record when “Thinking Out Loud” became the song to stick around the U.K. chart for the longest amount of time — a full year!

Sheeran, who has seen widespread success worldwide, will have to continue to rack up with awards if he’d like to be a big as his close friend, Taylor Swift. Earlier this year, Ed Sheeran included having the same type of star power as Taylor Swift among his goals.

Sheeran may not be there yet, but he’s on his way. Sheeran made news headlines almost daily while on the North American leg of his world tour, attracting attention from media outlets all over the United States and Canada.

While Ed was in New York, for example, Sheeran saw a waxwork statue of himself unveiled at Madame Tussauds. And while he was in Las Vegas, Sheeran took time to share his experience at an American Institute for Stuttering’s Free Voices Changing Lives event, where he talked about the ways Eminem helped him overcome his stutter. In Edmonton, Sheeran even surprised a fan he heard performing “Thinking Out Loud” for charity while he happened to be in the mall. Check out Ed Sheeran’s duet performance in the video below:

Regardless of whether he’s making headlines with his record-setting accomplishments or his off-stage antics, one thing is obvious: Ed Sheeran has joined an “elite” list of performers who are around to stay.

[Photo by Larry Busacca / Getty Images]