Ghost? Woman, Baby Caught On Camera Watching Partygoers In Creepy Photo

A photo of a what appears to be a woman ghost and a baby ghost watching a group of partygoers is sweeping the internet, and the creepy image has gone viral on social media networks. As reported by ABC News, the photo was taken five years ago and it was recently posted on Facebook by 22-year-old Natasha Oliver, a mother from Wem, a historic town in Shropshire, England.

In the frightening picture you can see Oliver partying with a group of friends outside an abandoned building where the apparent figure of a woman holding a baby is watching them from a window. Oliver and her friends were surprised to see the image and after analyzing it, they came to the conclusion that it must be a ghost.

Oliver explained to local media outlets that when they looked at the pictures they saw how something or someone observed them from a window. But when they went to look for what or who they saw in the window, there was no one there.

“I truly believe there is a ghost woman and her baby in that window,” Oliver said. “When we saw the ghostly figure, the boys climbed up the scaffolding to see what was up there thinking maybe someone was watching us. But there was nothing up there. There were no floorboards or anything there. The house wasn’t finished being built yet at the time.”

According to the Mirror, the site is an old wood yard, and Natasha is convinced the figure in the window is a ghost of one of the former workers.

“It’s on the site of an old wood yard so there would have been people working here. It could be any one of the workers. It looks maybe like a lady holding a baby.”

The image spread quickly on social media, and the story was picked up by several newspapers.

The town of Wem previously made headlines in 1995 when a photo taken by a resident showed the image of a girl on the threshold of the mayoral building, which was burned. Many speculated that the girl was Jane Churm, 14, who accidentally died in a huge fire in Wem in 1677. Soon after, however, the National Museum of Photography examined the photo and said it was a fake.

Do you believe the pic shows the ghost of a woman and her baby in the window of the abandoned building? Well, it’s probably not, but it sure is a bit scary.

[Image via Natasha Oliver/Facebook]