Billy Winn Carried Off Field After Knee Injury – Browns’ Terrence West And Duke Johnson Sustain Injuries Too

Billy Winn of the Cleveland Browns had to be carried off the field during practice after sustaining what appears to be a serious knee injury. The situation quickly escalated as moments later, Rookie running back Duke Johnson had an issue with his hamstring, while Running back Terrance West suspected something was wrong with his calves.

The Cleveland Browns had a rough practice session, and things are looking a little grim for the team. The team’s first day of practice in “full pads” ended with three players sitting along the sidelines due to injuries of varying nature and intensities, reported

Browns’ defensive lineman Billy Winn had to be carted off the field on a stretcher. Winn seemed to have injured his right knee during the inside run drill. Winn was examined by an athletic trainer for five minutes before a cart wheeled the six-foot-four, 300-pound player off the playing field, his head bowed low, reported Akron Beacon Journal. Winn ended up in the field house.

The severity of his injury is still unknown. Coach Mike Pettine refrained from commenting on Billy Winn’s condition, but the defensive lineman posted what could be construed as positive news.

It is certainly a painful blow to Cleveland Browns and more so because less than 24 hours earlier, coach Pettine had nothing but praise for Winn.

“I think he has had one of his better off-seasons. Physically, he has put on some weight, but it is good weight. We’re looking for big things, not just from him but the whole [defensive line] room. I think the competition is really going to force that room to work.”

The intensity of Billy Winn’s injury might be clear after an x-ray or MRI, shared coach Pettine. However, the Browns’ troubles were just starting; shortly after Winn’s exit, Terrance West suffered a calf injury and fellow running back Duke Johnson, the team’s third-round pick, reported that something was wrong with his hamstring. Fortunately, both have shared that their injuries aren’t severe.

While veterans Randy Starks and Desmond Bryant could very well begin the season, Billy Winn has shown tremendous promise. A sixth-round pick in 2012 from Boise State, Winn started five games last season, reported MSN.

The Cleveland Browns had their fair share of injuries last year. While the practice sessions aren’t looking better, the injuries might not be detrimental to them.

[Image Credit | Jason Miller / Getty Images]