‘Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation’ Reviews Are In: Best Tom Cruise Movie Yet?

It appears Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation might be the best-reviewed Tom Cruise movie to date. As of now, the latest Mission:Impossible movie enjoys a 93 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. It also was “certified fresh,” which means it’s practically guaranteed to be an awesome treat for audiences.

So just what is it about this latest Tom Cruise thriller that reviewers adore? Well, take your pick!

Scott Mendelson at Forbes wrote that Rogue Nation was “better than Bourne [and] better than Bond.”

“The film is not just filled with jaw-dropping action and stunts but also filled with delightfully human comedy which brings our would-be super heroic agents down to earth.”

Much of the well-timed humor is owed not only to brilliant comedic actor Simon Pegg. It’s actually a credit to the palpable chemistry that formed between the actors, who’ve worked together throughout the Mission: Impossible films. But that doesn’t mean newcomers failed to pull their weight.

Anglo-Swedish actor Rebecca Ferguson almost steals the show as British intelligence agent Ilsa Faust. CNET‘s Rich Trenholm made a comparison to the formidable Furiosa character in Mad Max: Fury Road.

“As in ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’, our hero meets his match in a rival who proves to be as resourceful and capable as he is. Anglo-Swedish actor Rebecca Ferguson lights up the screen as British intelligence badass Ilsa Faust, coolly playing both sides against the middle in an impossible mission of her own. It would be nice if the camera didn’t spend so much time lingering lovingly over her scantily clad lower half, but at least she doesn’t need to be rescued every five minutes.”

And Rich leads into the only major flaw in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation: the utter lack of female representation. It’s a problem from which many action movies suffer. Even in 2015, there’s a fear that treating women as anything other than scantily clad sex objects will take away from an action film’s “credibility.”

That disappointment aside, it can’t be said that Tom Cruise didn’t step up to the plate to help make this movie spectacular. Cruise is a man who insists on doing his own (very) dangerous stunts — including the one where he dangles from a moving airplane. Apparently, that Mission: Impossible stunt required eight takes. Cruise did every single one.

With this movie so well-received, it’s entirely possible that Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation will allow for yet another sequel in the franchise.

[Image Credit: George Pimentel / Getty Images for Paramount Pictures International]