Hillary Clinton/Jeb Bush 2016 Part 1: The Road To The White House Paved With Gender Apologists

Hillary Clinton for 2016! Jeb bush for 2016! Wait a minute, this sounds familiar. It is kind of like George H. W. Bush for 1992! Bill Clinton for 1992! Lest we forget George W. Bush for 2001! George W. Bush for 2004! In the 21st century, America sure seems to love it's presidential dynasties. I'm sure most of us thought we left that behind in 18th century England. Just as interestingly enough, in 21st century America, we have regressed and follow so-called progressives in voting based on race.

Now, potentially, we might vote for president based on genitalia. In 2012,we were asked to vote like our lady parts depended on it. Now, in 2016, we are being asked to vote because the candidate has lady parts.

Hillary Clinton doesn't come off as awe-inspiring, her speeches and campaign videos come off as wooden and robotic, she has nothing new to offer, and she seems to loathe unscripted interviews or sit downs with regular, possible non-fans of Hillary Clinton. She's a female Carl Pewterschimdt from Family Guy, if he was a robot.

Benghazi. Clinton email scandal. So, what's the appeal? Sadly, she is a woman, and Plus, she tows the leftist line that holds a monopoly on goodwill, minorities, and charity. The Clinton brand name and the right genitalia, make her Rosa Parks. As sexist as it sounds, in Mrs. Clinton's case and not unlike Loretta Lynch's, it is because she is a women and we "need" a woman president. Unbelievable? Lets analyze.

The A-list Hollywood Pinhead Voters like J-Lo, Snoop Dogg, Robert DeNiro, Ice-T, Pharell, Ne-Yo, have all come out for a "Woman" president. Hillary Clinton, not as much, but a female president. The Washington Post seems to concur.

Then, as the oh so conservative Maureen Dowd wrote in the Washington Post, Hillary Clinton and leftist fanboy outlets like (MS)NBC and CNN were planning a four-part Hillary mini-series played by Diane Lane and a documentary about Mrs. Clinton. Oddly enough, RNC Chair Reince Priebus threatened to withhold the Republican debates and they caved.

So, Clinton supporters went a different route, one that still pulled the 2016 election through Hollywood. One is a more obvious Hillary Clinton push, such as the TV show Madam Secretary, which came out in 2014. The other is a little more subtle, which is the Independence Day sequel. Certainly, you are saying, "Oh c'mon you right-wing extremist. You sexist, woman-hating chauvinist. Neither Hillary Clinton, nor her 2016 campaign has anything to do with that." It is a stretch, but some might view her involvement in Benghazi in the same light, and there is far more evidence for that.

However, a film that is directed by and created by a big Hillary Clinton fan, has no effect on the fact that there is a woman president in the sequel... that comes out the summer before Election Day 2016. Sure. Madam Secretary comes out a little earlier, and it has a female Secretary of State in an incredibly good light, making tough decisions to clean things up for the president. Ouch, Barack.

Oh, did I forget to mention something? Independence Day director/writer Roland Emmerich is an avowed Hillary Clinton supporter, as Film School Rejects points out. Barbara Hall was inspired by the Benghazi hearings. Well, just don't be surprised if any accomplishments Elizabeth McCord makes on madam secretary bleed into people's minds as a reflection of what Hillary has done. After all, no one knows what exactly she has accomplished, but Madam Secretary and Independence Day 2 have a more sinister effect. Fictional media can have a more powerful effect than a campaign. For example, If you were ask anyone if this "...And I can see Russia from my house" was said by Sarah Palin in the 2008 race to be president, they would say yes.

However, proven by Snopes that was said by Tina Fey playing Sarah Palin on SNL. Palin actually said this during the presidential race: "They're our next-door neighbors, and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska."

So, it is interesting that Madam Secretary came out of "left field", and promoted a female Secretary of State, while Clinton was getting hammered for her role in the Benghazi scandal.

Have there been any famous Hillary Clinton, I mean Tia Leone, quotes yet in that show? If I were a betting man, I would wager one of them will be attributed to Clinton in 2016.

By the way, there are 18 Democrats declared and running in 2016, but only one candidate is given the spotlight and grandeur. Oh, sorry, Bernie gets a "smidgen" of attention.

Is 2016 anybody's game? You'll have to ask the establishment of the two established parties, since only two groups are allowed in to this party.

[Image credit: Spencer Platt for Getty Images.]'