Oklahoma Tax-Free Weekend 2015: Sales Tax Holiday On Merchandise Runs For 3 Days

The Oklahoma tax-free weekend 2015 event will feature three solid days of purchases that are exempt from the state’s sales tax. This means that it’s a great time to buy back-to-school items and get some awesome bargains.

Tulsa World reports that the annual sales tax holiday event begins Friday, August 7, and runs through Sunday, August 9. According to the report, footwear and clothing sold individually for less than $100 on those days will be exempt from paying a sales tax.

Retailers are prepared for a larger-than-normal crowd with extra staff and merchandise to put on shelves. It’s a lot like Black Friday during the Christmas holiday season. An 8.5-percent savings per qualified item is attainable during the Oklahoma tax-free weekend event.

Paula Ross, communications director for the Oklahoma Tax Commission, shares that the sales tax holiday is good for business and keeps residents’ money in the state.

“It is a benefit to both consumers and merchants for consumers to take advantage of the sales tax holiday and keep their money in Oklahoma. In addition, local communities are reimbursed for the sales tax holiday weekend.”

A full list of what’s eligible and not exempt during the tax-free weekend can be found here: www.ok.gov. According to the site, items exempt during the sales tax holiday is explained below.

“Sales of any article of clothing or footwear designed to be worn on or about the human body and the sales price of the article is less than one hundred dollars ($100) are exempt. This does not apply to the sale of any accessories, special clothing or footwear primarily designed for athletic activity or protective use that is not normally worn except when used for athletic activity or protective use, or to the rental of clothing or footwear.”

Items not exempt during the Oklahoma sales tax holiday is also elaborated upon.

“Any special clothing or footwear that is primarily designed for an athletic activity or protective use that is not normally worn except when used for athletic activity or protective use for which it is designed. Accessories including jewelry, handbags, luggage, umbrellas, wallets, watches, and other similar items carried on or about the human body, without regard to whether worn on the body in a manner characteristic of clothing are considered taxable. The rental of clothing or footwear is also taxable.”

Items that are over $100 for eligible purchases are subject to the state’s sales tax.

Will you be heading out to take advantage of the Oklahoma tax-free weekend in August?

[Photo Illustration by Alex Wong/Getty Images]