Lana Del Rey At Boyfriend’s Ex Girlfriend’s Wedding? Princess, Francesco History

Did Lana Del Rey attend the wedding of a princess that used to date her boyfriend? As it appears, this may have been the case — if Google Translate is a trustworthy source.

Lana Del Rey fans are swooning over her “Honeymoon” hit single, but it appears that Lana’s visit to Europe on July 31 could be the result of a strange relationship history.

Pictured on July 31, Lana Del Rey and the man in her life, Francesco Carrozzini, were photographed in Los Angeles getting ready to board a plane at LAX.

Lana Del Rey was kind enough to talk to reporters about her thoughts on Cecil the Lion and did not have more than a smile when asked about her opinions on James Franco’s rumored upcoming biography about her.

Regardless, paparazzi should have been asking Lana Del Rey where she was going because it turns out that there may have been juicy relationship-related gossip details to follow up on.

Francesco Carrozzini may not be a household name in America, but he dominates the Italian fashion scene with his photos, films, and creative ideas.

World-renowned, Francesco is proud of his relationship with Lana Del Rey, and, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, Francesco told the Turkish media that he has made a lot of sacrifices to start a life with Lana in Los Angeles.

Despite being currently in love with Lana Del Rey, there may have been an old flame that he remained close to throughout his adulthood. In fact, Francesco may have been so close to this ex that he invited his current girlfriend, Lana Del Rey, to be a guest at his ex-girlfriend’s wedding.

Of course, fans of Lana Del Rey’s old-school Hollywood silver screen beauty queen persona may have wanted to attend this wedding of Francesco’s ex — considering it was for the grandson of actress and princess Grace Kelly.

Grace Kelly was an unforgettable beauty that married Prince Rainier of Monaco in the 1950s. Shortly after, she gave birth to Princess Caroline — and Caroline’s son, Pierre Casiraghi, got married to Francesco’s ex, starting on July 25.

To elaborate on the details of the royal wedding week, Forbes writes the following.

“[T]he nuptials of Beatrice Borromeo, whose family counts among Italy’s most ancient and aristocratic, and Pierre Casiraghi, the youngest son of Princess Caroline of Monaco and grandson of Grace Kelly… began last Saturday, July 25th, with a sumptuous civil ceremony and celebrations for more than 700 guests at the Grimaldi Palace and the opulent Hotel de Paris, in Monte Carlo…”

But is the newest princess of Monaco an ex of Lana Del Rey’s man in the first place? Online, there are several photographs of Beatrice Borromeo and Francesco Carrozzini that go back as far as 2004.

There is also one reference online that indicates directly that Beatrice and Francesco dated from 2001 to 2003 — but this citation is shaky.

Regardless, it appears that there was some sort of reference to a dating relationship between Borromeo and Carrozzini — but it is not printed online in English. However, if Google Translate can be trusted, the Spanish-speaking El Mundo publication notes on August 1 the following about the royal wedding of Princess Beatrice and Prince Pierre.

“Among the guests this Saturday at the party after the religious link has been able to see Maria Gabriella of Savoy, Haakon and Mette-Marit of Norway, or the director of Vogue Italia, Franca Sozzani, accompanied by his son, Francesco Carrozzini, one of the first known love of Beatrice Borromeo.”

Accompanying Francesco at the wedding of Beatrice Borromeo, of course, was his girlfriend, Lana Del Rey. About her appearance at Francesco’s ex’s royal wedding, the Daily Mail said on August 1, “Singer Lana Del Rey stepped out in a chic long-sleeved mini-skirt while her photographer boyfriend Francesco Carrozzini looked stylish in a three-piece suit.”

Lana Del Rey’s outfit looks like it was designed by another person attending the royal wedding: Franca Sozzani. Definitely a good sign that Lana Del Rey is getting along with Francesco, Sozzani is the mother of Francesco and has been the “editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia since 1988.”

[Featured image via James Devaney / Getty Images]