‘Jane The Virgin’ Season 2 Spoilers: An Early Return And More Revealed

Jane The Virgin was a smash hit on The CW last season, and fans are awaiting the premiere of Season 2.

There is some good news on that front from fans of Jane’s adventures. Spoiler TV shared the latest from The CW on Saturday, and the network has decided to bring back the series early for its second season. The original premiere date for Jane The Virgin Season 2 was October 19, according to a previous Inquisitr report.

However, the series will now return one weekly early. This means the premiere of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, a new series coming to the network this fall, will also happen earlier.

“The new comedy CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND, starring Rachel Bloom as an unhappy lawyer who quits her job and moves across the country in search of love, with her inner monologue providing irreverent musical interludes, will debut at 8:00-9:00pm ET, followed by AFI and Peabody Award winning series JANE THE VIRGIN, starring Golden Globe-winner Gina Rodriguez, returning at 9:00-10:00pm ET.”

Gina Rodriguez won the hearts of many television viewers during Season 1 of Jane The Virgin. She even walked away from the Golden Globes with an award for her portrayal. Jane The Virgin told the story of Jane, a girl who became pregnant on accident before she even had sex. Season 1 followed the ups and downs of her pregnancy, and it is safe to say her life was complicated.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

The complications will continue. TV Guide shared new spoilers for the series this week. Jane will finally decide between the men in her life, and she will marry one of them. However, there will be more than one wedding, according to Jennie Urman.

“Jane will make a choice with one of the guys, eventually, and we will have a wedding at some point in the season. By the fifth episode there’s an unexpected marriage of two characters, and that’s going to be the first [wedding]. And of course our weddings [will have] big, fun, whimsical set pieces. We have 22 episodes to get there, so it’s certainly not in the first couple [of episodes], but we like fast-moving plots!”

This means Jane’s wedding will not happen during the first five episodes. Fans will have to tune in to watch more drama as Jane deals with the new baby in her life and the two men that both want her heart.

What do you think? Are you excited for Jane The Virgin Season 2? The series will return to CW on October 12.

[Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images]