‘The Originals’ Creates A Force To Be Reckoned With In Davina Claire

The third season of The Originals is already going to be different on so many levels and it seems the Mikaelson family may no longer be at the top of the supernatural food chain, at least not in the beginning of The Originals’ new season. Danielle Campbell, who plays The Originals‘ Davina Claire, thinks that will make the show that much better, though she may only be saying that out of her own self-interests.

“I think that the Mikaelsons now think they had a calm couple of months,” explained The Originals‘ Campbell. “They’ve had no trouble other than the ones that they made for themselves, and I think this season they’re bringing in new evils. They’re bringing in the new bads… I just think that this is such a fresh season. It’s going to keep it really fresh and new. It’s hotter. It’s more exciting. There’s lot of action. There’s just so much going on and all the storylines are so in-depth now, it’s going to be a really exciting season.”

That’s not the only change fans should expect in The Originals. Danielle confesses to finding her character’s new story arc exciting, particularly because The Originals‘ Davina will no longer be the child in need of protecting.

“I think Davina has grown so much and I think this season is really kind of showing her as an adult for the first time. She’s now taken on this leadership role; she’s basically queen of the witches…She took this role because she believes that the witches have been held back for so long. They’ve been always pushed to the side or they’ve been pushed around by anyone who was in the leading spot,” said The Originals actress. “I think Davina is the only person who’s not afraid of the Mikaelsons. She’s not afraid to fight for what she cares about, and right now that’s her people. I think that’s something that’s going to really drive her into doing some good, some crazy, and some exciting [things].”

The new season of The Orginals will also benefit Campbell as an actress, giving her much more screen time and allowing her to interact with The Originals‘ leads Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gillies more regularly.

“She’s definitely tied into the Mikaelsons now far more than she was before. She is a power source that the other witches aren’t going to have,” Danielle said of her character on The Originals. “You know, she’s going to be fighting the battles alongside the Mikaelsons just because she’ll never be able to leave that…I think no matter what’s happening, she’s always going to be intertwined with them in some way.”

Ms. Campbell adds that Davina has already been through so many extreme changes, since she was first introduced on The Originals, that it’s definitely something worth admiring.

“I think at the end of the day, I think she’s grown so much. She’s been through so much. At the end of the day she’s someone who cares about people and the people she cares about she’s willing to fight for until the end. I really admire that about her character.”

The season premiere of The Originals will air on Thursday, October 8, on the CW network.

[Featured image: Danielle Campbell courtesy of Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Cirque du Soleil]