DeOrr Kunz, Jr. Update: Abduction Ruled Out In Missing Idaho Toddler Case, FBI Brought In

In the latest DeOrr Kunz, Jr. update, the 2-year-old’s disappearance isn’t believed to be an abduction. Three persons of interest have been named in the missing Idaho toddler’s case, but none of them are suspects. Kunz has been missing since July 10 after his family went on a camping trip in Leadore, Idaho, at Timber Creek.

Now the FBI is being asked to help in the child’s disappearance. Lemhi County Sheriff, Lynn Bowerman, says abduction is being ruled out in the missing Idaho toddler’s case, Reuters reports. The boy’s parents — DeOrr Kunz, Sr. and Jessica Mitchell — have been ruled out as suspects, as well as a third person who was also named as a person of interest — Isaac Reinwand.

Searchers on ATVs, horseback, and the use of cadaver dogs have been utilized all over the area in an effort to find missing DeOrr Kunz, Jr. Even backcountry about 50 miles southeast of Salmon has been scoured. Divers have thoroughly looked for clues in Stone Reservoir waters, but nothing has turned up.

Bowerman said on Friday that he’s hoping the FBI will help with resources in their search since Lemhi has a small amount to work with. The law enforcement agency is responsible for a county that “sprawls across nearly 4,600 square miles of sagebrush flats, forested peaks, and river valleys,” according to the report.

Apparently, hundreds of tips to the sheriff’s office have suggested that the boy has been seen in such places as Hong Kong, but Bowerman says that kidnapping is being ruled out.

“There is no evidence suggesting DeOrr was abducted,” Bowerman says.

Additionally, there’s no sign that the boy was taken by wild animals.

DeOrr’s parents confirm they have been in contact with the FBI and, according to Kunz, investigators have searched their house and vehicles.

DeOrr was last seen July 10 while camping with his parents, Mitchell’s grandfather, and Isaac Reinwand, a family friend, at Timber Creek campground in Leadore. DeOrr’s parents said they went to explore and left the toddler with their grandfather. The grandfather assumed DeOrr was with his parents.

KSL reports that DeOrr’s parents still believe that he’s alive.

“We continue to hope and pray that our ‘lil man’ will be found soon,” the missing Idaho toddler’s parents told East Idaho News in a brief statement.

They’ve also been in touch with the FBI and say investigators have searched their house and vehicles.

The missing case of DeOrr Kunz, Jr. has touched the hearts of many who hope the little boy is found soon.

[Photo Credit: Lemhi County Sheriff’s Office]