Woman, Ghost Baby Picture Going Viral: Paranormal Or Not?

Woman, Ghost Baby Picture Going Viral. Paranormal Or Not?

A potential ghost picture is going viral on the internet where we see what appears to be a woman ghost holding a baby ghost in the window of a building. The picture was taken by Natasha Oliver while she was hanging out with her friends five years ago. The ghostly image of the woman and the baby were not seen until Natasha looked at the picture. Two of Natasha’s friends went to investigate the building in order to find out if they were being watched.

“When we saw the ghostly figure, the boys climbed up the scaffolding to see what was up there thinking maybe someone was watching us, but there was nothing up there. There were no floorboards or anything there. The house wasn’t finished being built yet at the time.”

The reason that a five-year-old picture is going viral now is due to Natasha herself. She had left a comment on another picture that apparently captured a ghost. Natasha posted her picture after claiming that she had a better ghost picture. The picture has since gone viral.

The location that the woman and ghost baby picture was taken is Wem in Shropshire, England. The building itself was under construction during the time the picture was taken. Natasha thought that it could have easily been one of the workers who she captured.

“It’s on the site of an old wood yard so there would have been people working here. It could be any one of the workers.”

At the end of the day, Natasha is convinced that a woman and a ghost baby are staring back at her and her friends.

“I truly believe there is a ghost woman and her baby in that window.”

It is almost impossible to try and determine if a picture showing a ghost is real or fake. With all of the different photo editing software available, essentially almost anyone can make a picture and claim that a ghost is in it. Many times a picture claiming to have a ghost in it is debunked as an everyday object that looks different based on the flash of the camera. Natasha does state that she wants the picture to be looked at by professionals in order to authenticate it as a real ghost picture.

What do you think? Is this a picture of a woman and her ghost baby? Do you believe in the paranormal?

[Image via Natasha Oliver]