Nick Viall Attends Concert With 'Bachelorette' Co-Stars JJ Lane And Clint Arlis

Many of the guys on Kaitlyn Bristowe's season of The Bachelorette may not have trusted or liked Nick Viall very much, but he didn't leave the show entirely friendless. On Friday, Nick posted photos of himself hanging out with JJ Lane and Clint Arlis.

The three men were at Lollapalooza in Chicago, where they watched Paul McCartney perform. One photo shows them smiling broadly at the camera.


Another photo provides a more close-up look of the trio.


On Kaitlyn's Bachelorette season, the three men were portrayed as the "villains" of the group. While Nick maintained, and continues to maintain, that he's a good guy searching for love and simply couldn't pass up the opportunity to pursue Kaitlyn on the show, Clint and JJ had fun with their villainous reputation. They even had a catchphrase that they loved repeating: "Villains gotta vill."

Not everyone was impressed with the whole villain act. During one episode, Kaitlyn tweeted for Clint and JJ to stop it with the villain catchphrase.

Clint Arlis and JJ Lane weren't only known for being the villains. They were also known as the "Brokeback Bachelors" due to their intense connection that had some fellow contestants and viewers wondering if they were more than just friends. The two were accused of being more into each other than Kaitlyn and staying in the mansion not to pursue Kaitlyn, but to spend more time with one another.

The two men's friendship seemed to be short-lived. After hearing from some of the other men that Clint wasn't there for the right reasons, Kaitlyn, prior to a rose ceremony, decided to send him home. When Kaitlyn told the other men of her decision, JJ, instead of defending Clint, said that Clint should apologize to everyone for wasting their time. During a private moment with one another, Clint lashed out at JJ and the two almost came to blows. After Clint's departure, JJ, during a solo interview, cried and slapped himself in the face.

During the Men Tell All special, both Clint and JJ said that they weren't gay but simply had a very good and deep friendship with one another. JJ apologized for what he did to Clint. As for slapping himself, JJ acknowledged that his behavior was so bad that he deserved to be slapped and since he knew that no one else would do it, he took it upon himself to do the deed. Obviously, Nick's photos show that the two have since made up and are back to being friends.

Shortly after Clint's departure from The Bachelorette, JJ was sent home. On Twitter, JJ answered viewers' questions about what Nick is really like. JJ, poking fun of his "Brokeback Bachelor" rep, said that he loves Nick.

While it's not clear whether viewers will ever see Nick Viall on TV again, they will definitely see JJ Lane. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, JJ will be seen on season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise, which premieres on Sunday, August 2.

[Photo by Jeff Schear / Getty Images]