Maryland Mom Accused Of Forcing Son To Drink Poison

A Maryland mom is accused of poisoning her son and setting a car on fire in a case that police have investigated for six weeks. The Washington Post reports that 33-year-old Narges Shafeirad faces charges of first-degree arson and first-degree murder.

WUSA 9 News shared the tragic details of the case, indicating that the woman was in the throes of some kind of breakdown when authorities discovered the scene of the crime. Police in Montgomery County responded — along with firefighters — to a suspicious burning vehicle in the middle of the night in mid-June. Inside of the locked car was the motionless body of five-year-old Daniel Dana. His mother, Narges Shafeirad, was laying face down outside of the car on the ground.

Authorities say that the Maryland mother was crying in pain after suffering burns on 40 percent of her body. The severity of the burns ranged from second-degree to third-degree. The child was trapped in the car, but firefighters were able to get him out of the burning vehicle to try to help him. Unfortunately, the five-year-old child passed away. He was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital after being transported from the scene of the fire.

Initially the Maryland mother tried to pass the incident off as a tragic car accident. However, authorities and firefighters were suspicious from the beginning, and their six week investigation revealed the exact nature of what happened that night in June. There was no accidental car crash. In fact, something far more sinister took place.

Police say that she purposely poisoned her son with an overdose of diphenhydramine, which is found in over-the-counter allergy medications such as Benadryl. Police allege that she forced the boy to drink the chemical in order to poison him to death. She then reportedly started the fire on purpose in either an attempt to conceal what she had done, or to stage a car crash.

The concept of mothers killing their children isn’t a new one. The Inquisitr has reported on these types of crimes for years, but it’s something that happens all too often. Between four and seven children are killed in abusive situations on a daily basis in the U.S. Motives vary from parent to parent who are found guilty of these atrocities, but in the case of Maryland mother Narges Shafeirad, no motive or explanation has been offered — or rather, nothing has been clarified in the media.

[Photo: Montgomery County Police mugshot]