‘GTA V’ Goes Full RPG With New Fan-Created Mod


Grand Theft Auto V — or any GTA game, for that matter — undeniably offers a wealth of different experiences for its players, added to with mods from Rockstar Games and fellow players alike. But now, thanks to a player who goes by the name LogicSpawn, the sandbox game is taking another big leap: it’s going full RPG.

Even though GTA V allows for your character to see some degree of evolution as you play along, it was never necessarily made to have the level of personalized experience that RPGs do. While it shares the “sandbox” nature of play — exploratory rather than linear — and does allow you to diverge eventually, it lacks character customization. As a rule in RPGs, you can style your character not only physically, but also by way of their fighting styles, weapon aptitude, and other such specifics.

Tech Times offers an in-depth look at GTA: RPG, a fan-made mod that brings GTA V in line with popular online and offline role-playing games like World of Warcraft or Skyrim. Now, GTA players can make specific decisions about who and what they want to play. A video promoting the release of the mod shows just how far one can go now with everything from your character’s appearance to their specific fighting styles and skills, as well as customization for your character’s various vehicles. (All the usual warnings for GTA-related content apply to the video.)

According to Kotaku, GTA: RPG‘s various customization options overshadow GTA Online‘s easily — while the online version does have some degree of RPG-style gameplay as compared to other version, it’s still lacking in key areas. LogicSpawn, a UK-based fan and mod-maker, has apparently gone above and beyond in this one, even going so far as to add new missions and special dialogue to heighten the experience and RPG feel even further. Players will also be able to go off on side quests, too, and even befriend NPCs in ways that can potentially change the progression of the game.

Many are already speaking positively about the mod, including Gamespot writer Alex Newhouse, who says the additions also have the added bonus of making it clearer as to when you’re gaining experience, loot, or ammo, as well as how much.

At the moment, GTA: RPG is not compatible with traditional GTA V, but LogicSpawn is working to fix this so players can apply the new RPG alterations and additions to the game’s regular story mode.

[Image: Rockstar Games]