Jillian Anderson Arrives In ‘Paradise’ With Her Black Box: Will She Find Love On ‘Bachelor In Paradise 2’?

Jillian Anderson heads to Bachelor in Paradise on Sunday night and she packed her favorite accessory — the famous black box that followed her around on Chris Soules’ season of the Bachelor.

The spunky news producer from D.C. didn’t find love with the Iowa farmer, so she’s giving it another shot in Paradise. If you missed Chris’ season, watch the video below to familiarize yourself with Jillian and the black box that followed her around until Prince Farming sent her packing.

The floating black rectangle that producers used to cover Jillian’s skimpy bikinis on the Bachelor ended up getting its own Twitter account during the Bachelor, so it was only right to revive it for Bachelor in Paradise. Fortunately, she’s on board with the whole joke, telling ABC that she decided to “roll with it.”

“I decided to roll with it. It’s my black box and it’s part of me now. It’s become this joke and it’s how people know me…. It’s my black box, and I’m owning it.”

And own it she does, starting with her first appearance on the BIP premiere. She showed up at the Playa Escondida Resort in Mexico wearing an eye-catching yellow bikini, and contestant Jonathan Holloway (Kaitlyn’s season) noticed her right away. In a preview clip for Sunday night’s show, Jonathan makes it clear that he is not only impressed by Jillian’s bikini, but her assets as well.

“Jillian walked down in that bright, bright yellow yellow bikini. I was like, ‘Can I just take a bite out of that?'”

jillian anderson BIP

Does Jonathan score a date with Jillian, or will another guy get dibs on the gorgeous brunette? According to her ABC bio, she likes “intellectual conversations” and is turned off by a guy who has bad intentions.

If the only thing Jonathan has to talk about is how great she looks in a swimsuit, chances are she may kick him right to the curb — and she’s definitely strong enough to do so.

Fans who can’t wait to find out if Jillian meets her match on ABC’s summer reality show will have to tune in to watch how things turn out for Jillian and her little companion, the black box.

The two-night premiere of Bachelor in Paradise starts at 8 p.m. ET on Sunday, August 2, on ABC.