Bobbi Kristina Brown Funeral: Aunt Leolah Brown Kicked Out Of Funeral As Family Feud Continues [Video]

As Bobbi Kristina Brown is being laid to rest, the ongoing feud between the Houston and Brown family continues. According to Love B. Scott, Bobbi Kristina’s aunt, Leolah Brown, has been kicked out of her funeral following a verbal altercation with Pat Houston. Apparently, Houston was appointed to speak on behalf of her niece’s “Sweet 16” themed funeral, but Leolah Brown was definitely not interested in anything she had to say.

“Pat, you know you are wrong for this!” Leolah reportedly screamed.


An eyewitness has reportedly told TMZ that Leolah’s outburst during Pat’s speech is what prompted security to escort her out. It has been reported that, once again, Tyler Perry served as a mediator between the feuding families. For those who missed it, Pat Houston’s announcement for monetary donations in lieu of flowers has sparked quite a debate.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Bobbi Kristina’s funeral invitation has raised concerns because many close friends and family feel the request is highly inappropriate. All of the funds donated will be turned over to the Marion P. Foundation, which happens to be founded by Pat Houston. The Brown family is reportedly furious, and Pat is being accused of using Bobbi Kristina’s funeral for monetary gain. On July 30, Leolah Brown also took to Facebook to voice her frustrations over Pat’s request.

Leolah Brown used Facebook to slam Pat Houston.

However, the Facebook post may not have been enough based on Leolah’s outburst at the funeral. Apparently, Leolah felt compelled to confront Pat about the controversial request. However, Leolah’s rant didn’t stop once she was kicked out of the funeral. She also took the time to speak with news reports and photographers outside. She insists “Pat Houston will be haunted by the ghost of Whitney.”

On Monday, August 3, Bobbi Kristina Brown will be buried in New Jersey next to her mother, Whitney Houston.

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