LA Lakers Rumors: Team Still Going After These Three Big Free Agents — One Roster Spot Left Open

One roster spot remains open for the LA Lakers, and it looks like they are trying desperately to fill it. There are now a few NBA free agents in their sights, and it could be possible that one lands in a Lakers uniform for next season. While there is still a chance that Carlos Boozer comes back, the Lakers are rumored to be targeting Brendan Haywood, Kevin Seraphin, or JaVale McGee.

It is no surprise that the Lakers have had Kevin Seraphin on their radar for some time, but they had better make up their mind quickly. Seraphin is also being sought after by a couple of other teams including the New York Knicks.

According to Sports World Report, free agent JaVale McGee has also joined the list of players the Lakers have an interest in. Like with Seraphin, though, the Lakers can’t drag their feet because both the Dallas Mavericks and Chicago Bulls are said to have an interest in signing him as well.

After the Cleveland Cavaliers traded Brendan Haywood and his non-guaranteed contract to the Portland Trail Blazers, a number of teams thought they had missed out. Well, as NBC Sports reported, the Blazers have now waived Haywood and freed up his $10.5 million contract.

The Blazers are expected to waive Mike Miller, who they also acquired from the Cavs. He will likely get plenty of attention from a few others teams.

It was that strangely put together, non-guaranteed deal of Haywood that made him so attractive as a trade option. He hasn’t been a big-time contributor for any team in quite some time, but a few minutes coming off the bench in each game would help the Lakers.

Adding any of these players would be great to add depth in the front court behind or along with Roy Hibbert, Julius Randle, and Robert Sucre. Kobe Bryant will likely end up playing small forward or power forward this season, but another big man is a necessity for the Lakers.

The LA Lakers are looking to add one more big man to fill an open roster spot, and it could be Brendan Haywood, Carlos Boozer, Kevin Seraphin, or JaVale McGee. The options are out there and rumors are flying, but they had better not wait too long or no one will be left.

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