Halle Berry Divorce Pends With Olivier Martinez While Actress Fights Child Support [Rumor]

Halle Berry’s divorce from Olivier Martinez appears to be on its way. While the rumor seems to be gaining traction, the X-Men: Days of Future Past star has also been facing child support issues.

Halle is now the center of a series of rumors which could rival those of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. “Bennifer” has allegedly been heading for divorce for a while, with both of them having been spotted without their rings. Recent news suggests that Garner may already have a new boyfriend, while Affleck may be dating their nanny.

While Berry seems to share more than just a history of critically slammed superhero movies in common with “Bennifer,” she has also been spotted without her wedding ring. Speculation has risen over what this could mean, and a “family friend” of Halle and Olivier offered some insight.

“It seems Halle and Olivier have finally hit the end of the road. They’ve weathered a lot of ups and downs in their relationship – but recently, Olivier has been completely MIA! They’ve just been delaying the inevitable split.”

Another insider has also claimed the Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez divorce to be inevitable, saying, “Halle is telling pals she worries that Olivier’s runaway temper could put her kids at risk.”

Examples of Martinez’s temper have included pushing an airline employee for getting too close while attempting to take a cell phone photo, says WebProNews. This was while Berry was behind him, holding her son and daughter in tow.

In the midst of a maelstrom of divorce rumors, Halle Berry is also fighting what she believes to be exorbitant child support payments. The court had ordered Halle to pay ex-hubby Aubrey $200k per year, plus tuition, and she reportedly thinks he’s freeloading.

“There is no case, no law, no logic that says a healthy, active man gets to simply live off child support that the wealthier mother earns.

“He is using the money to avoid work.”

Fighting child support while she allegedly heads for divorce, Halle Berry seems to be juggling everything rather well. Not even pregnancy could keep her from playing a relatively significant role in Bryan Singer’s latest X-Men film, though her part had to be reduced out of consideration.

Radar Online claimed that Halle and Olivier have rarely been seen together since the birth of her son, even living separately, and it could be due to Olivier’s allegedly horrible temper. Martinez and Halle’s ex Gabriel Aubrey had gotten into a brawl outside the actress’ home in 2012, prior to her marriage to Martinez.

Berry has allegedly told Martinez to seek counseling for his temper.

Do you think Halle Berry’s divorce is inevitable, or is she and Olivier Martinez simply having marital spats?

[Image via Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images]