Man Calls 911 Because His Cat Ate All His Bacon [Video]

It’s a true catastrophe — a cat ate a man’s bacon, resulting in an emergency call to police. The West Yorkshire Police department recently released the audio of a man who called 999 (the British equivalent of 911) to have his girlfriend arrested after allowing her pet cat to eat all his bacon. The audio was released to prompt awareness of the frivolous calls police get — and how ridiculous calls about a cat eating bacon can tie up time and resources meant for more important matters, according to the Huffington Post.

The ridiculous conversation began when the dispatcher asked, “What’s your emergency?”

The irate caller responded, “Er… me girlfriend has let the cat eat my bacon.”

As the call, which lasted 90 seconds, proceeded, the caller tells the dispatcher that he wants his girlfriend arrested for allowing the cat to eat all his bacon. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the man also tells the dispatcher he wants to press charges not only against his girlfriend – but also her bacon-eating cat.

The patient operator tells the man, “Sir, it’s not a criminal offense to let your cat eat your bacon. And we don’t arrest cats.”

The call was released not just for a good laugh, but because emergency workers frequently receive ridiculous calls and want to raise awareness about how those calls effect police resources, reports Time magazine. According to the Huffington Post, Tom Donahoe, who heads the West Yorkshire dispatch team, told the Yorkshire Evening Post that his “office receives nearly 1,000 emergency calls a day.” A portion of these calls are not a true emergency, like the cat who ate bacon.

“Someone rang us at two in the morning to ask us who the actor was that played Magnum P.I. It was driving him mad, he was with his friends and couldn’t think of the answer, so he rang the police.”

Donahue hopes publicizing the ridiculous emergency calls, such as the call about the cat and the bacon, will prompt people to think before calling emergency dispatchers since it’s a waste of police resources. Whenever a dispatcher has to deal with a ridiculous call, people’s lives might be at risk.

The call about the cat who ate the bacon isn’t an isolated incident. In the United States, police arrested a New Jersey man after he called 911 to report a fake crash — so he could get a ride home, reports

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