‘Walking Dead’ Season 6: Producer Scott Gimple Talks Ethan Embry, Merritt Weaver, And Corey Hawkins’ New Characters

With the premiere of The Walking Dead’s new season just around the corner, new spoilers have been released. Along with more terrifying and gross looking zombies, the upcoming season of the zombie drama will feature a number of new and exciting characters.

In the trailer for the new season, Ethan Embry’s (Empire Records) character, Carter, was seen in a scene with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). Although Carter is a character in the comics who helped build the wall, he doesn’t have a large role, and so details are pretty slim about how he will interact with everyone else in Alexandria.

However, Scott Gimple did share a few things fans can expect from Carter when the show returns.

“Ethan plays a combo of a few characters that we actually haven’t hit yet or weren’t able to hit in other characters,” Gimple told Entertainment Weekly. “He is an Alexandrian, and has been there the whole time, just quite busy.”

Meanwhile, Merritt Weaver (Nurse Jackie) is also set to join the show as Dr. Denise Cloyd. Cloyd is a major character in the comics, and is set to be both a medic and a surgeon in the series.

Additionally, Gimple also dished out some details about Corey Hawkins, who will join the show as Heath.

“[Corey’s] terrific and I’m so excited to see him bring Heath to life. It’s been fun and he dove in with both feet. He’s tough and skeptical when the cameras are rolling, and then when they’re off he’s just like a goofy fan. He’s really, really excited to be there.”

In addition to the new characters set to be featured in the series, the trailer also offered a look at how the zombies will appear in Season 6. While the zombies have been plenty gross in past seasons, the crew members have upped their game for the new season, which features a new level of disgusting for the flesh eaters.

Speaking of zombies, The Walking Dead is also set to be featured at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. According to USA Today, Universal Studios promises to include some of the more intense zombie moments from Season 5 in their annual Halloween Horror Night.

“I couldn’t be more delighted to continue and expand The Walking Dead universe…than by having fans experience some of the most harrowing and suspenseful moments of our show,” Greg Nicotero, who works as the executive producer and supervises the special effects makeup for the series, stated. “Halloween Horror Nights is the gold standard to which all other Halloween-themed events try to emulate, so to bring authentic walkers to this event…is the ultimate thrill.”

The Walking Dead returns for Season 6 this October.

[Image Courtesy: AMC]