Blue Moon Photos From 2015 Fill Twitter [Photos]

The blue moon photos from Friday, July 31 are filling Twitter and causing the #BlueMoon hashtag to go viral. The event behind the popular “Once in a Blue Moon” phrase happened on Friday — and by Saturday morning, Twitter reported at least 161,000 tweets about the blue moon event.

A common theme among the blue moon photos and their descriptions finds Twitter users waxing philosophical about the spiritual or psychological significance of such a heavenly event that won’t happen again until three years from now.

Some of the blue moon photos on Twitter are vivid for the sheer beauty of the moon itself, actually appearing with a seemingly blue hue. Other photos are stunning because of how they juxtapose the blue moon against other objects.

As reported by BBC News, the 2015 blue moon represented a chance to view the second full moon in one month. Although the occurrences of blue moons aren’t as rare as some folks may believe, the next blue moon isn’t scheduled to appear until 2018.

A scroll down the Twitter photos of the 2015 blue moon prove spectacular and funny all the same. While some of the blue moon photos are truly stunning, others are underwhelming, with viewers expecting more from the hyped up “blue moon.”

Although the moon doesn’t always appear blue the second time a full moon appears within a calendar month — approximately 29.5 days of the lunar calendar running up against the human calendar range of 28 to 31 days — volcanic ash and other atmospheric conditions can give the moon a gray or bluish hue.

The beautiful blue moon was indeed a moment for users to wander outside with their cameras and bid July 2015 goodbye in a spectacular fashion if they were able to witness the stunning moon.

Professional to amateur photographers were able to grab amazing photos of the blue moon, with Twitter and other social media platforms leveling the playing field between levels of creativity.

One of the funniest tweets about the blue moon displayed a full and gorgeous azure moon on the left-hand side, with the word “expectation” atop the photo. To the right, “reality” showed a glowing and fuzzy photo of a full moon.

Others related the blue moon to the nickname of a baseball legend.

As reported by the Inquisitr, the last blue moon was in 2012. Since the next blue moon is not due until 2018, avid skywatchers were out in full force, trying to grab the best photos of the event.

[Image via C. Chiofar]