Dave Grohl Answers To Cesena, Italy’s Call, Says ‘Si’

Dave Grohl, Foo Fighters’ frontman, has responded to a video addressed to the band, and he has good news for Foo Fighters fans in Cesena, Italy, as Radio reports.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, 1,000 Foo Fighters fans in Cesena came together to perform the band’s hit “Learn To Fly.” The campaign was done in hopes of getting the attention of Dave Grohl and the band, as they wanted to see them play live. Read more about that story here.

Not even a week has passed since the video was uploaded to YouTube, and Dave Grohl already has an answer. Grohl answered in the affirmative, “si.”

Dave Grohl uploaded a short video on Foo Fighters’ official YouTube channel, and he tries his best to speak Italian, though he says he speaks very little of the language. You can view the video below.

The entire message is in Italian, and it was translated by BBC News.

“Hello Cesena. It’s David. Hi. I am sorry I don’t speak Italian, just a bit, a bit. This video, was good! Super nice. Thank you so much. We’re coming, I swear. We’ll see each other soon. Thank you so much. I love you. Ciao.”

In addition to the short message, a tweet by Dave Grohl was also posted to the Foo Fighters’ official Twitter account with a link to the video and the message, “Ci vediamo a presto, Cesena…. xxx Davide” The message translates to, “See you soon, Cesena.”

The Rockin’ 1,000 project was started a year ago, and the video was recorded on July 26. It looks like the effort of the Foo Fighters’ fans paid off, as Dave and his crew promised that they will be playing Cesena. Fabio Zaffagnini, upon hearing Dave Grohl’s message, posted a tweet telling the Foo Fighters to try their flatbreads when they come visit.

[Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for Webby Awards]