‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6 Spoilers: Jon Snow Is Not Dead, All The Clues That Prove Kit Harington’s Return

One of the biggest mysteries going into Season 6 of Game of Thrones is whether or not Jon Snow (Kit Harington) is really dead. In the Season 5 finale, Snow was stabbed to death by members of the Night’s Watchmen. However, there are quite a few reasons to suspect this isn’t the end for Snow.

Despite fellow cast members confirming that Snow really did meet his end during the finale, a few recent Twitter images seem to confirm the theories that the Lord Commander will live again.

A few of the photos show Harington in Belfast hanging out with a few other cast members on the show.

The photos were captioned, “Kit Harington and Nathalie Emmanuel spotted in Belfast; Return for PJ Dillon.”

According to Us Magazine, filming for the new season has already begun in Belfast, which means that Harington’s sighting in Belfast could indicate that he’s in town for production. Either that, or he’s just catching up with his former cast members, which doesn’t seem very likely.

Another interesting aspect of the photos is Harington’s hair. According to E! Online, the actor has stated in the past that as soon as he was done with playing the role of Snow in Game of Thrones, he was going to cut his long hair. In the images, Harington still has his flowing locks and scruffy beard, which seems to indicate that he isn’t done portraying his character just yet.

Additionally, HBO recently released a set of Game of Thrones toys, titled Honor The Fallen: The Memoriam Collection. Interestingly, while the toys feature all the characters who have died so far in the show, Snow is mysteriously missing from the list of the deceased.

Meanwhile, with show nearing its sixth season, Michael Lombardo, HBO’s head of programming, stated that the fantasy drama only has three more seasons until it’s over.

“[David Benioff and D.B. Weiss] are probably feeling there are two more years after [season 6],” he stated during a Television Critics Association interview. “Seven seasons and out has never been the conversation. The question is how many beyond the seventh season we’re gonna do.”

Lombardo’s comments align with George R.R. Martin’s plans for the series to end after book seven.

As far as the fate of Snow is concerned, Lombardo added that the character is truly dead.

“Dead is dead is dead. He be dead,” he stated. “Everything I’ve seen, heard, and read, Jon Snow is dead.”

Find out for yourself if Jon Snow returns when Game of Thrones returns for Season 6 in the spring of 2016.

[Image Courtesy: HBO]