Meek Mill On Suicide Watch Amid Nicki Minaj Break-Up, Drake Beef Backlash — Hoax Report Goes Viral

By now, everyone knows why Meek Mill is the butt of so many social media jokes. As previously reported on Inquisitr, the “House Party” rapper’s artistic credibility is now hanging in the balance due to his epically disappointing diss track in response to Drake’s highly publicized diss records, “Charged Up” and “Back to Back.”

Many fans were counting on the Philadelphia rapper to fire back with a scorching diss, but unfortunately, he fell short of the battle rap victory with his seemingly mediocre response, “Wanna Know.” Shortly after the disappointing track was released, an overwhelming number of fans began flooding social media platforms with their opinion of the rapper’s poor effort. Needless to say, the comments were quite brash.

In fact, his release has been such a disappointment that many fans have had absolutely no reservations about humiliating him. From Twitter to Instagram, hundreds of mocking posts and memes have gone viral. Even restaurants and politicians have taken subliminal jabs at the rapper, reports Perez Hilton.

Meek Mill has been the subject of ridicule and unprecedented cyber-bullying for most of the week, and now rumors are also circulating about the alleged collapse of his whirlwind love affair with ‘Truffle Butter” rapper, Nicki Minaj. Although this isn’t the first time break-up rumors have circulated, apparently, all of the backlash has reportedly influenced Nicki’s desire to distance herself from the troubled rapper, reports Celebtricity.

At a glance, it appears Meek’s life is falling apart and he’s definitely not dealing with the downfall well. Several media outlets are now reporting that the rapper is now suffering from manic depression and contemplating suicide. However, it’s not exactly how it seems.

According to Huzlers, a satirical site, Meek Mill no longer wants to face the world amid all of the backlash he’s forced to endure. It has been reported that the infamous rapper is now on suicide watch. The shocking allegations are now being discussed by many fans via Twitter. Although some expressed concern and contrition during his “trying times,” an overwhelming number of social media users still find Meek Mill’s alleged downfall relatively comical.

However, the report isn’t exactly what many may think. Although it’s no secret that Meek Mill has been relentlessly trolled by social media users, the suicide watch rumors are only satirical — completely false. Once again, Meek Mill is the butt of another cruel joke and the rumors have only been reported for comical purposes, but many feel this uphill battle with Drake could be a form of “career suicide” that could be potentially catastrophic to his future as a reputable hip-hop artist. Hopefully, Meek Mill can bounce back from this embarrassing episode or it may very well lead to the demise of his career.

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