Meek Mill Doesn’t Know ‘Beef’ — Various Fast-Food Restaurants Serve Rapper Well-Done

Meek Mill Doesn't Know 'Beef' — Various Fast-Food Restaurants Cook Rapper Well-Done

Meek Mill is now getting served well-done by food establishments. They claim that the rapper doesn’t know how to handle “beef.”

You know you’re in the pits when industries far outside their areas of expertise start weighing in on you. Sure, Drake’s diss, “Wanna Know,” was pretty bad. But bad enough that restaurants are publicly defaming Meek Mill as well?

The world’s “shade” recovery program is lost. It seems that Meek is going down as the battle rapper that lost to a “singing n***a.”

White Castle, the restaurant best known for steam-grilled sliders, chicken rings, and for the Harold and Kumar films, has even piped in. The ‘Castle weighed in on Mill’s song and ability to handle beef. Well, actually, it was the lack-thereof. The fast food establishment made a comment via Twitter on its timeline.

“It’s okay, Meek Mill. Maybe beef isn’t your thing. #ChickenRings @Drake”

In the days prior, before Meek’s response, Whataburger had a few things to say about the quality of beef, as it relates to Meek. After Drake’s “Back to Back” hit, the establishment tweeted as follows.

“Meek Mill might need to eat his feeling with #BackToBack Whataburger after that one.”

Then, to add insult to that injury, they responded again when Meek released “Wanna Know.”

“Meek Mill take it from us – if you gonna serve beef serve it high quality.”

“Chicken fingers turn to Twitter fingers.”

Then, they told Drizzy to pass the mic, taking one from the Canadian rapper.