Tyler Posey The Next Ryan Seacrest? 'Teen Wolf' Star Aspires To Be

Tyler Posey has lofty future aspirations, but they may surprise you.

The 23-year-old Teen Wolf actor, who's been acting since he was 5-years-old, dreams of being in front of millions of Americans. Not as an actor, however.

Instead, like his idol, he wants to be -- a host?

"I kind of want to follow in Ryan Seacrest's footstep," Posey said in a recent interview with People magazine.

Tyler doesn't inspire to be like Seacrest just because of his numerous hosting gigs. Instead, Posey realizes Ryan has some dream opportunities that Tyler wants, too, such as a having his own radio show and producing content -- both film and music.

To that end, Tyler is serving as a producer of Teen World in the show's fifth season. He's also producing his father -- actor John Posey -- in a one-man play called Father, Son & Holy Coach.

Despite news this week that Knock Knock Live -- a Seacrest production -- was cancelled this week after two episodes, the show served as a launching pad for Tyler to showcase his hosting abilities. Joining his idol Ryan on the show, Posey served as the co-host for a Philadelphia segment along with Adrienne Bailon (of Cheetah Girls fame).

That's not all, either. Also in the entertainment world, Posey wants to start another band after his previous band -- Lost in Kostko -- disbanded shortly after producing an eight-track album in 2011.

While he hasn't officially formed a new band yet, he has continued to play music for fans on his YouTube channel entitled "Music for your ears to bleed."

Outside of the entertainment industry, Tyler enjoys welding and motorcycles. At some point, Posey hopes to build his own motorcycle, perhaps in a mechanic shop that he and his father John run -- another one of Tyler's aspirations according to Clevver News.

With all of these dreams, how does acting fit into the picture? According to the People Magazine article, Tyler wants to juggle several at one time -- acting included.

"I know I have a lot of ambitions, but I want to make them all happen. I want to do everything. I would never leave one ambition behind to move on to another."
On the acting front, Posey has two more films in the works. Taco Shop, a comedy that has wrapped up production, stars Tyler as Smokes, a restaurant worker whose business is disrupted when a rival shop enters the picture. And in Yoga Hosers, Posey joins a star-studded cast that includes Johnny Depp, Nathasha Lyonne, and Haley Joel Osment for this comedy thriller.

[Image by D Dipasupil/Getty Images]