'Should Of Ordered A Salad Fat A**': McDonald's Customer Says She Was Shamed By Employees

Tara West

A McDonald's in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is under fire after a woman posted an image of an alleged fat-shaming incident that took place when she ordered a cheeseburger and sweet tea from the fast food establishment. The post, which was uploaded to Facebook, shows a cheeseburger with writing on the wrapper. The writing on the paper says, "Should of ordered a salad fat a**." The person posting the image claims that the cheeseburger was given to a friend as a number of employees laughed at the customer through the window.

A Facebook post claims that a McDonald's in Tulsa, Oklahoma, presented a customer with a cheeseburger along with a little fat-shaming. The customer claims that when she received her order of a cheeseburger and sweet tea, the packaging of the cheeseburger had a special note specifically aimed at her weight. The cheeseburger wrapper allegedly said, "Should of ordered a salad fat a**."

McDonald's Fat Shaming

As of the time of this posting, the image has been shared 1,425 times with many people noting they have called the McDonald's in question to voice their displeasure. So what did McDonald's have to say about the incident? According to some of those who contacted the company, a different manager than the one working when the incident took place says he has looked at surveillance footage and compared the handwriting to the manager on duty and did not find any evidence that the writing on the cheeseburger wrapper happened in the store.


Many have pointed out that the person writing on the wrapper should have spent a little more time working on grammar and learning their own store menu before attacking another person for her weight. The writer said "should of" instead of "should have" and didn't bother to compare the calorie count on the "salad" versus the hamburger before making the uneducated suggestion.

If you take a look at McDonad's salad menu you will note that premium salads with chicken have anywhere from 270 calories to 470 calories. Depending on the dressing used on the salad, an additional 100 calories could be added to the entree. Whereas, a McDonald's cheeseburger contains just 313 calories making all but one of the premium chicken salads (without dressing) a worse choice from a calorie standpoint.

Though the image is going viral, is there any truth to the claims? At this time there is only the viral social media post to backup the claims and McDonald's has yet to make a public statement about the incident. However, if we look back to the case of the KFC "fried rat" viral post, it is possible that the image is fabricated or the result of social media manipulation. As some social media users have pointed out, anyone could have written on a hamburger wrapper with a marker, doesn't mean it was a McDonald's employee.

What do you think? Is the McDonald's "fat-shaming" cheeseburger wrapper a hoax? Should McDonald's make a statement regarding the allegations?

[Image Credit: Facebook]