‘Big Bang Theory’ Season 9: Will Sheldon Have To Win Amy Over Before She’ll Take Him Back?

When The Big Bang Theory wrapped up season 8, Sheldon and Amy’s relationship was at a crisis point. The couple spoke over Skype and, to Sheldon’s surprise, Amy said she wanted to take some time to think about their union. They hung up. Sheldon then gazed at the ring he had hidden in his desk.

Executive producer Steven Molaro says that repairing the relationship will take more than quoting a few lines from Spider-Man. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Molaro said Amy has a lot to assess this time and there may not be a quick fix.

“Right now, she really wants to take a step back and think about where she is, where they are and how she wants to move forward in her life. I don’t think she’s necessarily in a rush to find another man, but I don’t think she’s ruling it out either.”

Earlier this month at Comic-Con, Molaro said the premiere episode will reveal how long Sheldon has had the ring in his desk and whether or not he was planning to ask Amy to marry him, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

After the season 8 finale aired in May, Molaro told THR that viewers can sympathize with both Sheldon and Amy given the couple’s long history and their characters’ dynamic. He also seemed to look forward to how their relationship will change as the show goes on.

“They have been dating, this is the fifth anniversary of their first date, and she can’t even get through a make-out session without him thinking about television, so I understand her frustration. At the same time, I understand his side, which is: How much faster do you think I can go with this? It’s an interesting place for them to be; it seems very real and I think it’s exciting that we’re shaking things up.”

Just prior to the airing of the finale, Mayim Bialik, who plays Amy, told Variety a lot was hanging in the balance for the couple. Her statement was in response to the interviewer’s playful reference to their “sleepover” earlier in the season, when they built a cushion fort in the living room.

Bialik visited Jim Parsons backstage during his Broadway production of An Act of God. The actors have long expressed how much they enjoy working together. Molaro also told THR in May that Bialik would absolutely remain a regular on the program, despite the uncertainty of Amy’s relationship with Sheldon.

The Big Bang Theory season 9 premieres on Monday, September 21, on CBS.

[Photo by Jason Kempin / Getty Images Entertainment]