Chrissy Teigen, Chicken Wings, & John Legend Pose Cheekily As Chrissy Shares No-Carb Weight Loss Diet Tips [Photos]

Chrissy Teigen, chicken wings, and John Legend have become a few of Instagram’s favorite things. And according to Chrissy, fabulous food and her beloved husband are among Teigen’s own favorite things, reported E! News.

A famously curvaceous foodie, Chrissy is also a budding cookbook author. Teigen was wearing a swimsuit and photographing food, including chicken wings, for her cookbook when she decided to get cheeky.

So Chrissy placed the wings on her derriere, placing them perfectly to cover any daring details that might cause Instagram to delete it.

“what’s up chicken butt,” wrote the 29-year-old of her perfect posterior and poultry.

When John saw the swimsuit-clad Chrissy, he decided it was time to get out of the water and into the wings. Teigen played with Legend to deny him a taste of the chicken wings at first, but she finally gave in.

“These are a few of my favorite things…” wrote Chrissy.

Teigen also pointed out that she has a beauty team and stylist on tap for her cookbook.

“This is definitely a different kind of cook book!” wrote the chicken wings wizard.

Still in process, Chrissy’s cookbook is getting dished up with help from a food writer as well as Top Chef Masters judge Francis Lam. Teigen already has her own food blog.

As how Chrissy maintains that sleek physique, Teigen shared her yes-to-chicken-wings, no-to-carbs diet secrets with Elle.

Chrissy loves to cook, and Teigen uses her own healthy cooking tips to make no-carb diet meals.

“I have so many. If I want mashed potatoes, I make cauliflower mashed potatoes, which taste exactly the same. I basically just take all of my cravings and make them low carb. I love Thai boat noodles: They are kind of like pho, but with a very hearty broth. I will make the broth and just do no noodles and more bean sprouts. I need to be able to eat what I want to eat, so I just get rid of as many carbs as possible that go into it.”

In addition, as the Inquisitr reported, Chrissy is devoted to working out. She takes barre classes and praises the calorie-burning, toning workouts for keeping her slim and happy.

[Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SpikeTV; Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images; Image Via Chrissy Teigen/Instagram]