Woman, Ghost Baby Caught On Camera Watching Young Partiers, Pic Goes Viral

A ghostly woman and a ghost baby appear to be watching a group of young adults partying on a lawn. The duo from beyond is observing the revelers from a window in a building under construction behind the group. The haunting photograph has now gone viral, according to the Irish Mirror.

Five years ago, Natasha Oilver and her friends had just gone to see a World Cup match and stopped to rest and take some pictures near a house under construction in the ancient English town of Wem, Shropfordshire. While they were looking through their photos, they noticed something that caught their eye; an image that appears to be that of a ghostly woman and baby peering through a second-story window.

Woman, ghost baby peer from behind some partying friends.
Woman, ghost baby peer from behind some partying friends.

Close-up of ghost woman and ghost baby.
Close-up of ghost woman and ghost baby.
"Someone realised there was a weird figure in one of the photos and we thought it was kind of freaky. The boys decided to go and climb the scaffolding of the building but there was nothing there. It couldn't have been building equipment and it clearly doesn't look like any of us. And it was an empty building that was not finished so no one was living there."
Though the supposed ghost picture was taken five years ago, it's gaining attention now, reports ABC News, after Natasha posted it in a Facebook discussion about a different ghost picture, which turned out to be fake.
"I commented saying, 'That's quite fake, but I have one that's actually real.'"
The Shropfordshire ghost woman and baby are the most recent image in a string of supposed ghost photos to go viral. In April, according to this Inquisitr report, a family vacationing in Japan saw what appeared to be a pair of ghostly Samurai boots behind their daughter's legs in a photo.

Samurai ghost
Are these the boots of a Samurai ghost behind this little girl's legs?

Whether or not ghosts exist is, of course, a debate that will never be settled satisfactorily for either side. But one thing to keep in mind when considering photos that purport to show ghosts - or faces in Martian rocks or images of Jesus Christ in pieces of toast - is that the human brain has evolved to assign meaning (for example, by seeing faces/human figures) when there is none. The phenomenon is called pareidolia. In other words, what appears to be the image of a ghost woman and ghost baby could just be an artifact of light and shadow that the human brain interprets as human forms.

Do you think a ghost woman and baby truly appear in these photos?

[Images courtesy of Facebook, The Inquisitr]