Is Apple’s iPhone 7 Coming To Bite Into The September Market?

Apple’s iPhone 7, is it coming in September? Sorry, according to some trusted sources, the iPhone 7 will not make a surprise appearance, but expect something big from Apple in the form of the iPhone 6s.

Will Apple release the next generation of the iPhone series in 2016? Truthfully, only the technological giant knows for certain. The speculation, along several outlets adding their estimated time frames, means that the anticipation is high. Only one thing is certain – when the iPhone 7 is done in production and is available on the open market, many consumers will get their hands on it. Apple is planning to make the iPhone 7 a must-have with the constant of rumored features expected to be packed inside.

The iPhone 7 is expected to be a massive upgrade over its predecessor, the iPhone 6.

If you peruse the chat boards and research iPhone comments, you will quickly see that the most recent Apple smartphone is still in heavy rotation. Some are scratching their heads on the fact that the iPhone 6 has not been on the market for a year, yet there is talk of an iPhone 7 rather than just a slight update on what is already available. It is akin to buying a 2015 car only for the 2016 model to come out the next day.


Everybody wants the shiny new toy and the people at Apple are going to offer it.


It was recently reported by the Latin Times that the screen size will remain the same at 4.7 and 5.5 inches. Its resolution is rumored to be the same also, but that remains to be seen. Screen resolution has been a strong suit for the iPhones of the past. Whether there is or is not an upgrade here is irrelevant. It will not factor into justification of the purchase. If the screen resolution does stay the same, the other bells and whistles will be eye-catching.

As previously reported, the camera and processor will receive upgrades.

It was mentioned that talks of a 16-megapixel camera came to the surface. If it happens, great, but if it does not come to fruition, a 12-megapixel camera will be just fine. It is a gross misconception that how megapixels a camera has will dictate how great a shot looks. That is false. Flash, white balance, ISO options all come into play in picture quality. Where the camera is placed plays a major part as well.

For instance, the camera for the Samsung Galaxy 2, and most smartphones for that matter sits at the top. It has five megapixels and takes a beautiful picture even when compared to many of this year’s smartphones. Now take the Sharp Aquos, it is a beautiful smartphone with a five-megapixel camera that sits at the bottom of the device. Because of where it is placed the quality is affected tremendously.

Currently, the standard iPhone camera has eight megapixels and it takes good photos.

The Syracuse Post-Standard confirms that the iPhone 7 will not be released until 2016. These upgrades may come with the iPhone 6s, which is rumored for a September unveiling.

If this becomes true, Apple can somewhat test the market with some new features. It would be a perfect time to see how the new A9 processor chip will work out.

Will the confirmed rose gold casing be a viable option for future iPhones, including the iPhone 7? That is another question that be answered as the iPhone 6s is released.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News]