Viking Barbie Pops Her Booty In String Thong Bikini

Viking Barbie, also known as Kayleigh Swenson, has been busy sharing updates with her 2.1 million Instagram followers. In a new photo posted a couple of days ago, Viking posed in a small thong bikini.

The model was seen posing outdoors on a patio. Behind her, viewers could see a dark building and some blue sky. Barbie lifted her left knee up, while popping her booty. The photo was taken from a low vantage point, further accentuating her curvy derriere.

Viking gave a sultry look with her lips parted, as she looked into the distance. She wore her hair down in a heavy right part, which meant that parts of her face were left obscured. Her hair was curled, and her bright blue highlights popped in the shot. She also wore metallic pink eyeshadow, along with red lipstick.

Thanks to the angle of the image, it was hard to see all of the details of the swimsuit. The top was lime green with white string ties. Barbie's tattoos were especially prominent, including a large one on her left upper thigh. The black-and-white piece depicts a nude woman with her left hand on her head.

The photo was liked over 59,000 times, with fans leaving tons of nice compliments in the comments section.

"I'm curious on how you would look with Red hair...," said a fan.

"I hope you have a 2020 calendar coming out that would be perfect in my office," suggested another fan.

"If this were the 1950's I think you would have beat Marilyn Monroe in terms of being the best pin up hell I think it'd be better than Betty Page!" exclaimed a follower.

Others responded to the model's captions.

"Sahot I just made it up it's a mixture between sassy and hot cuz you said one word," joked a follower.

Even so, there were some people who had complaints.

"Photoshopped. I love your photos usually but this one is photoshopped so much it almost looks like a cartoon," said an Instagram user.

In addition to this update, Barbie recently gave fans an eyeful of booty in a different context. She shared an Instagram photo earlier this month, where she was caught in the middle of pulling down her pants on a sidewalk.

Viking leaned forward and showed off her derriere, as she sported a thong and a white crop top. Her back was facing the camera, but behind her, viewers could see cars on the road.

This update received over 68,000 likes.