Salma Hayek Despises Donald Trump So Much She Refuses To Say His Name

Many people have spoken out about presidential hopeful Donald Trump for his many comments that have been interpreted as racist or sexist. While Donald Trump is actually doing remarkably well in the polls, some celebrities are doing what they can to speak out against the GOP candidate -- and others are trying to avoid giving him an ounce more of publicity.

One such example is actress Salma Hayek, who recently discussed her distaste for Donald Trump on E!. As a Mexian national, Salma Hayek took deep offense to remarks made by Donald Trump that Mexican immigrants to the United States are all rapists, criminals, and drug dealers.

"I'm aware that [Donald Trump] would say anything to attract attention and create publicity around him," said Salma Hayek. "So, if something generates publicity I would never be surprised about anything he does. I'd be surprised if he did something courageous and meaningful that nobody found out about. This was not courageous and meaningful."

According to the Huffington Post, Hayek realizes candidates like Donald Trump have to make bold claims to attract media attention, but she seems to think his words are unforgivable, and thus does her best not to fuel his publicity.

"What is interesting about it is that thanks to that [and] all the things that he said -- I don't repeat and I don't say his name because I don't want to give him extra publicity -- but beyond him, this concept of America being a place where there is no discrimination, and it's not racist anymore, and we had the Civil War and the good people won, I think it's beginning to show that discrimination and racism in this country is a bigger problem than we accept it is."
But Salma Hayek does believe Donald Trump serves a positive purpose in America, if only to demonstrate the discrimination that minorities face in America every day from people like Trump, who often get away with holding bigoted opinions.

"At least be brought a light to a real problem," Salma Hayek added.

Salma Hayek spoke to E! to promote her new film, Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet. You can see the trailer of the movie in the video below.

Do you agree with Salma Hayek and her opinion of Donald Trump? Do you think Donald Trump is truly racist, or is he just gaining attention?

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