Prankster Pretends To Be A Ghost, And Nearly Becomes One As Terrified Driver Mows Him Down

A phantom prankster who thought it would be a fun joke to stalk a deserted highway at night and pretend to be a ghost, almost died laughing when a nervous motorist failed to see the funny side and mowed the comedic spirit down.

The video of the spooky incident, which has been uploaded to YouTube and entitled “Ghost prank goes horribly wrong as joker is run over and almost killed,” reveals all too clearly why the terrified driver reacted the way they did to being ambushed by spooks.

The clip begins with a lone car driving down a deserted road. The night is dark, the moon is full, the scene is set, and then, from out of nowhere a figure in a white sheet and a greasy wig shuffles manically across the road like a particularly unpleasant spider.

Like any sane motorist would do in such a situation, our driver brakes rather sharply to put some distance between the car and the foul beast from the abyss.

Yet disaster strikes when, like something from a low-budget horror film, a second similar loathsome figure appears from behind, and as the terrified motorist brakes sharply, the ghost begins to rub itself vigorously against the vehicle like a dug up corpse on viagra.

Fearing for their life and no doubt their car’s paintwork, the motorist then accelerates forward only to find the initial phantom prowler boldly blocking their path and gyrating menacingly like some sort of Blackie Lawless-fixated heavy metal hunchback.

Obviously the spectre’s strutting is like a red flag to the motorist’s fears and they drive head on into the fearless ghost, who, at the last minute, appears to realize what is happening and tries to backtrack, but to no avail, as the ghost is knocked onto the hood and thrown sideways to the ground.

Fortunately the humorous haunting ends without serious injury to ethereal life or limb. The Mirror reports that the ghost’s friends, including those filming the incident, rushed to their phantom brother’s aid only to find he had got off lightly with a badly gashed knee.

The Papa Crazy group wrote on YouTube, “Best prank gone wrong ever. Prankster got a lesson that not to mess with this driver… almost killed.”

Perhaps the lesson should be not to dress up as ghosts and hang about on quiet roads?

[Photo By Lionel Allorge/ Wikimedia Commons]