Marcus Grodd, Lacy Faddoul Wedding: ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Preview Shares Scoop On Big Day Ahead

Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise begins airing Sunday night, and it seems there’s a big event for viewers taking place almost right away. A new Bachelor in Paradise spoiler sneak peek shares a teaser about what is coming. Many fans know that Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul got married recently in Mexico, and that’s exactly what everybody gets to see in Sunday’s premiere.

The Bachelor in Paradise spoiler clip from People shows host Chris Harrison talking to the initial group of cast members, telling them that there’s one more thing he has to show them before he leaves to let them get acquainted. He brings everybody out to the beach, and nobody is sure what to expect.

Some of the contestants wondered if there would be an immediate rose ceremony, but everybody quickly sees a fancy area put together with benches and roses. People they don’t know begin walking in, and a few of the BIP folks start wondering if there’s a wedding about to take place.

Soon Marcus Grodd comes walking out and everybody cheers as they realize what they are about to see. Marcus and Lacy got married in June during the first day of the Bachelor in Paradise taping. Lacy recently joined a lot of other Bachelor and Bachelorette stars on Good Morning America to share some updates about the big day, and the life they’ve built together.

ABC News shared the GMA clip in which Lacy detailed that her wedding to Marcus was small and quaint. Their closest family members made the trip to watch the nuptials, and Faddoul indicated that the event was intimate and beautiful. Lacy’s dad walked her down the aisle, and it looks like it was a gorgeous event.

Why wasn’t Marcus on GMA alongside Lacy and some other franchise favorites? It seems that Grodd recently joined the Coast Guard, so he is away right now for training. The two are living in California, where Lacy is an elderly care facility owner.

After Marcus and Lacy’s wedding ceremony, everybody got to enjoy a five-course meal, and naturally, there was cake. The two honeymooned in Mexico, and they shared a lot of photos via Instagram during the honeymoon. Bachelor in Paradise fans knew the two were in Mexico, but it wasn’t until a bit later that some started to suspect that they had also just gotten married.

Lacy and Marcus are also planning to throw a big bash in California soon to celebrate their wedding with all of those who couldn’t be in the mix of things in Mexico. What comes next for Marcus and Lacy? She says that they are hoping to have two or three kids, and they’ll start thinking about heading down that road when he returns from boot camp.

Season 2 of BIP will be a wild ride, and Reality Steve’s spoilers have indicated that there is another engagement ahead in the finale. Will that pairing, or the others said to come out of this season, end with a wedding as well? Fans can’t wait to watch Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul get married, and the fun of the new season of Bachelor in Paradise begins on Sunday, August 2.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]