‘Big Brother 17’ Week 5 Eviction Scoop: Will It Be Becky Burgess Or Jason Roy Heading Home? [Spoilers]

Jason Roy and Becky Burgess are on the eviction block this week on Big Brother 17.

Spoilers indicate that the houseguests have mostly come together on their voting plan, but that doesn’t mean that the targeted houseguest hasn’t still been doing a bit of campaigning. What’s the latest from the house and the live feeds heading into Thursday night’s live show?

Big Brother Network shares that after the big shift to target Jason Roy this week for eviction, some of the houseguests have been a bit stunned by Jason’s low-key handling of the situation. Jason quickly figured out where the votes were falling, and essentially accepted his fate as soon as he was nominated in the Power of Veto meeting.

However, that doesn’t mean that Jason entirely gave up. Big Brother spoilers detail that Roy spent much of Wednesday sleeping, but once evening came, he did talk with his group about trying to convince Shelli and Clay to change their votes. He felt doubtful, and he talked to his group about how sad he was to be likely heading out the door.

Jason did work on Shelli and Clay a bit, trying to make a deal and convince them that Becky will be gunning after them. He said that they wouldn’t get hit with any backlash for taking out Becky instead of him, and he essentially said everything he could think of to sway their votes.

According to Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds, Shelli and Clay did talk about Jason’s offer and points, but they decided that they’re sticking with their plan to keep Becky. Shelli mentions talking to Becky about supposedly wanting to target them.

According to Online Big Brother, Clay connected with Becky Thursday morning and told her not to worry. Big Brother spoilers detail that Jason talked with Steve, saying that he knows he doesn’t have the votes to stay. He gave Steve some insight about where things appear to be heading, noting that Steve may well be in trouble.

Barring any last minute shifts, it definitely appears that Jason will be evicted Thursday night. He will get two or three votes of support in all likelihood, but it does seem that he’ll be the Week 5 evictee.

There’s a new Head of Household competition coming up, and it seems likely that Liz’s twin sister, Julia, will be entering the game just before the HOH competition. This is one twist that didn’t go quite how CBS envisioned, since Julia’s arrival will not come as a surprise.

Will someone on the outside of the Sixth Sense alliance win HOH and shake things up? Stay tuned for more Big Brother 17 spoilers as the gameplay shifts for Week 6.

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