Why Meek Mill Won't Respond To Drake

Meek Mill doesn't need to respond to Drake. He has him where he needs him. It's up for debate whether Meek Mill is a great rapper or not, but he's a savvy marketer. As long as Drake, Drake's fans, the world of hip hop, and the world of music are focusing on him, why bother to respond?

Once he responds, he lets off the tension. Meek manged to sucker Drake into the ring twice, with just a few words, not an entire recorded track. Drake is on to his second song in response to Meek Mill's words, and is probably readying a third.

After Drake recorded verses on "R.I.C.O." for Meek Mill's album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, Meek Mill started spreading rumors over Twitter in a flurry of tweets about how Drake doesn't write his own songs. What a way to thank a guy that helped you on one of yours. Drake responded with the track "Charged Up." Meek Mill didn't respond with a freestyle or anything more than saying Drake's response track was "baby lotion soft."

Drake responded with another track "Back to Back," just yesterday. Meek Mill has yet to respond. It would be funny if he responded again with a simple three word statement and left it at that. As if he's not going to bother with a rap response or a response that takes him any longer than takes to log into Twitter.

Perhaps Meek has achieved his objectives and is done. He just wanted to provoke Drake and move a few more album units, and then be on his merry way to the bank. It would be funny if he never really responds.

The Verve weighed in with an academic analysis of the specific issue, and the issue of hip hop beefs in general.

"But if Meek comes out blazing (and he really has no choice but to), it's good for everyone. Drake will continue to be one of the biggest hip-hop acts in the world, but Meek Mill will also be a known commodity. We'll forget this beef, but your friends might know his name when they might not have previously. That's why people say beef is good for hip-hop. It forces everyone to be better or fall into irrelevance."
So if you are one of the many people across Twitter and elsewhere in the universe who loves watching how hip hop beef unfolds, you may be rooting for underdog Meek Mill, and waiting to see how much he can goad his opponent into jumping at every piece of bait he throws out.

[Photo by Rob Kim / Getty Images for WatchLOUD.com]